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  • Yes, thank you, I'm doing fine! Somehow, I thought the site belonged to you! When I saw the new format, I was under the impression it somehow had been shut down, or restricted. I'm glad the site is still working and we are able to post things.
  • Hi Carolin ...I saw your comment about me...I am doing fine...I do not understand this site as much as the other one...I believe it is less visible...I hope you are doing well too,..Blessings dear friend
  • Yes Carolin...I am interested in knowledge that can help others and I am grateful for your offering...Blessings to you and you are too here for a reason...We cannot do it alone...Together, the more the better, will accelerate or will clear things for everyone...

    PS. I used the elixir and it certainly is infused with the Divine...I am diving again into the Love...I feel like I am in the ocean and I keep constantly diving into the waves of Love...It is so smooth and perfect...

    Ocean Waves | Music of Nature

  • Yes, Carolin...most definitely...It is not about me but everyone...Many people will be delighted to know more about current issues that many do not even believe to be true...Feel free to share with us and I feel your are ready to just do that...Sharing is caring...Blessings and much Love to you...

    Here in PA...where I live...


  • How are you doing Carolin? I wanted to share with you that I have received the Elixir from Era of Peace today and like always...synchronicities abound...I got to the post office when they were closing the windows...There was only on opened and the lady was about to pull it down when I said...Oh I am just here to pick up a package...and I gave her may P.O. Box and she said ok, I will get it for you...and I was like .... Thank you thank you thank you...for I knew I might have not gotten  there in time but yet I decided to trust that I would...I hope you are in you Joy and Peace from your beautiful heart...I love when you are here...I feel you as a very humble person and on your way to your mastery...Please always feel welcome to share and start your own divine knowledge, or any inspirations if you wish to share with all of us in this group or anywhere on this website...We need more people like you...More and more people are arriving here and I feel they are looking for guidance...Thank you and blessings...


  • Thank you Carolin for your friendship...blessings and much Love...

    We Are One...



  • Welcome to ACC Carolin...I hope you have fun learning and teaching at the same time...I see you are already participating in the blogs...That is awesome...Blessings 


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Sacramento, CA


June 24

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I've been a Reiki Practitioner and R.M. for over 20 years. I'm always seeking to increase my spiritual toolbox so I can be of service to others. I'm on a quest to meet my Higher Self and merge with it, and to help heal the Earth and her inhabitants, and most important to reconnect with my galactic family.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Currently, Sarah Shepard, from "Violet Light", Alexandra Meadors, and Rev. Pam Plauche', "Implant Removal", Tamra Oviet, Energy Activations, Lauren Galey, "Healing Retreats", Paul Marwood, "Akasha Healing Studio" , Irving Feurst, " Spiritual Unfoldment Network, and Judy Satori, "The Sound of Light", Peter Chapman, "KaShenSekhem", Jill Matteson, "Healing with Sound"..

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