Bethesda, MD


February 24

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I sing, and write songs. I also am an artist. I am hoping to reconnect with the Ultimate Reality.

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  • Saying hi with a poetic sloothy flutter :) old poem


    Crossing Paths of Paths of many
    Stirring Winds the Butterfly Floats
    Check board faintly The Butterfly Sitting
    Only For Seconds Butterfly Song Singing

    Monkey of Mind Makes Moves Left Right
    Wading Thru Images In Loo Out of Sight
    Processing Quickly The Butterfly Takes Flight
    Butterfly Sees Monkey Knows What is Light

    Monkey Dreams Outer of Space Come back How
    Monkeys Allows growth as the butterfly is Now
    Now is In Giving and Flighty LOVE LIGHT
    Monkey See Happy This is Our Twii Bright

    Butterfly on Nose Shows the Air is so Here
    Breathing the messages of All Atmosphere
    Growing Thy Wings Spread Look Down on thy Board
    Moves making genuine Intense Monkey too can Soar

    Mind is a maize of How Life Sets Us Free
    If Always The Butterfly Within lets It be
    Monkey In Service makes Moves that Suit All
    Galactic In Service This Butterfly' The Door

    Open Come In Kisses
    Embrace in sacred holy communication
    Between our souls This be true
    In Any situation

    Tests Come and Go So Quick
    As Quite as Butterfly Flight
    I Send Butterfly Kisses

    To U ...
    Butterfly Did Come By

    Cozmic Hugz .... RJK
  • ))))))))))))))))))))) THANK YOU ((((((((((((((((((((((

    )))))))))))))))))YOU ARE WELCOME((((((((((((((((


    If u have any troubles with it let me know ................

    Ur Sister In Light <3<3<3 RJK
  • Very Inspiring indeed :) Thank u sis Carmen Koch ! I have my music forming ...althoug one at www.muzic2urearz.synthasite.com song on right top ...I am having meeting in 8 weeks to talk about theme song here for Variety Club Australia .. will see what comes of it ... Love ur work :) .. Nam* RJK
  • )))))))))))))) WELCOME Sis Carmen :) ............. Do you have website for your music :) I would love to listen ... So many great sounds vibrations all over the planet but the most inspiring are the ones presented to us via connecting with each other :)

    I look forward to you joing forces with all the Light hearted being here :) and look forwrd to hearing ur views on life :)
    LOVE LIGHT SOUND Vibrations to u Sis ... <3<3<3 Namaste .. RJK
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"Get fresh at the weekend! 😎

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"Inter-continental T-Mat transfer....YESSSS...!! Wow, the LIGHT is getting there.....🛸------🌍------🌎👍🏻👍🏻

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"For the Lightworkers! There is no shadow without light.
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"I once dreamed of this ship. The crew waved at me and then took off. The people there looked like my family members. I saw the starry sky above them. The starry sky looked like the Plejardes star system. This Spaceship looks like a Cigar.
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"let's hold the light
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