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In my family I'm considered the black sheep because I have always been the one to question and challenge things that pertain to the "norm." I believe this comes from a strong inner desire to make this world a better place. Being raised a Catholic and later associated with my Mormon side of the family really, really, made me reconsider the teachings I was being taught. When I was 14 I was given a book on astrology and metaphysics. I gravitated to this information, yet, no one in my immediate family was into it or was able to guide me as much as I had hoped. I must have been the youngest person in town who was a member of Cayce's A.R.E.. And I was pretty sure of it when I showed up to a meeting at someone's home. Everyone there had white hair and were easily my grandparent's age. They taught me something very special that night when we passed around a glowing light that radiated in our palms and in our mind's eye. I never realized it till now, but I think that was my first group journey that I took! Unfortunately, I never returned to that house. I was very shy at the time and was kind of freaked out... There was also the issue my mother had with the A.R.E. when they prescribed arsenic as the cure for myopia when I wanted better eyesight. That pretty much closed that chapter for a while. For the next 15 years I would stick to the teachings from the educational system. I would graduate college with a degree in Theatre, then move to Los Angeles to become a filmmaker. All the while I would study metaphysics, but only as a fringe hobby. It was the year 2001 and the world had gone digital and I found myself on that wave of technology so I could build my career. Then a girlfriend would introduce me to Yoga, and life began the process of awakening. Or was it remembrance? I had felt these feelings before. I know I must have had this knowledge before. And I would study healing and explore different types of spiritual studies in search of answers. Answers that could explain the world around me and how careless we have been with our environment and ourselves. Answers that could explain who I am and how life works. After looking back at this, it's no wonder I am producing a program called Caretakers Of Earth.

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