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April 3

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  • Hi Calypso

    Do you think Putin will be selected this time 04mar 2012 ??

  • Yes, you do see a viola (alto).  Two of them, actually, the smaller one looks like a violin in the picture, but it is really a small viola.  I play every day.  It helps me to cope with these times.  Harmony is truth and my violas are incapable of lying in this world where so much is false.  But, music is the message for us from the "higher" planes where truth, reality, love, and beauty are the foundation of all, even this world of darkness, lies, and suffering.  The bad stuff is a temporary illusion, while the good is the eternal truth is what I believe. 

  • You are appreciated......and loved!

  •  Calypso this bird is a superb songster and if you look up Sir David Attenborough you will hear a most wonderful video of our master bird mimic. I feel in my heart all that he does and more. He mimics chainsaws, our Kookaburra, the Pan Pipes, he is great.

    But in saying all that there are going to be even more wonderful flora and fauna in 5D.

    Blessings once more Kingjeff

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  •  You are most welcome dearest Sister of My Heart Beat from All That Is Our Father Mother God in Unity. Your words play my Heart Strings so how can I ever refuse be it Night or Day because in Unity we are all One while in manifestation ie Bodily Form we have diversity and that is fascinating otherwise we would be robots. I notice your beautiful complexion and skin which is a blessing. Why? I can not tell you who the Red People are the Blue People or the Yellow People but as long as we have Heart Love we will have Violet Orange and Green. We will have those who are Red Yellow and Blue who don't understand the Violet Orange or Green but do you know Calypso some of the most beautiful people are of a mixture because they are tolerant, compassionate, kind, caring, sharing and lovely to be with which is why you have touched my Heart Strings with your honesty and truth. I will always answer you 24/7 and always in the NOW love you.

    Blessings dearest heart living in the land of Mother Russia.Light Love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff. May I have the pleasure of your hand in this waltz of Our Heart.

  • hi there


     how life go on there ?? I personally feel that the russian governments does not work for their population. do you think so ??

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  •  Thank you Calypso for your offer of friendship, It is accepted  from this moment forward and as 11.11.11 has arrived. I bid you a most magnificent awakening which we are all going through. and that you stay at all times centered in your heart, balanced and focused.

    If you have any questions let me know and I will help you 24/7 Blessings Light Love Peace and Harmony. Kingjeff

  • Thankyou for saying so and you're most welcome, my friend....Drekx Omega

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Stalin's daughter Lana Peters, or in Russian Светлана Аллилуева, passed away in the state of Wisconsin on 22 November, US officials have confirmed to BBC Russian. why only today, i wonder, if this actually happened on Nov 22?What the secrets they…
Nov 29, 2011
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Nov 29, 2011
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"well, as far as i got it works on the high level of personal soul development, and the 13th somehow unites the other 12... it is the WAY OUT OF ZODIAC. could this be? i was seeking for info in the web, theres nothing more...
thank you dear friend…"
Nov 29, 2011

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