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May 17

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Merry Meet! When I was a little girl, everyone was sure I'd grow up to be a vet! I've worked with many types of creatures in my life, and have always had a close connecting with animals and people. Folks always seem to feel very comfortable around me in person, and I'm exploring the possibility that I might be what they call an "empath." It would certainly explain a lot, but again I'm just starting to learn about and explore this idea. Others throughout my life have consistently described me as warm, nurturing, intelligent, supportive, and an "old soul." Be warned, however, that I can also be quite fiery, fiercely loyal and protective. For the most part, you will likely find me to be quiet and soft-spoken, though opinionated at times. More simply put: I'm a really good friend to have, loyal and supportive once you have earned my respect and trust. You will always know where you stand with me. I will not lie to you. I will never pretend to be better than you or anyone else. I might get mad once in a while, but I will always "get glad again" as my Dad likes to say. I love deeply and easily; it is just my way. I'm not comfortable with ultra-conservative-anything, whether it's Christians, Wiccans, or anyone else. My path is probably best described as Eclectic Witch / Neo-pagan with Wiccan influences. Current favorite Craft Authors include: Z. Budapest, Scott Cunningham, Marion Weinstein, Christopher Penczak, and some others I'm actively reading and studying at the moment. I believe that we are all connected in a way that we can not yet understand. I have a strong background in molecular biology, and I sincerely believe that someday (perhaps in the far future) we will finally "get it" and everyone will accept and nurture this connection. If you got this far, thanks for reading! I'd love to get to know everyone (yes that means you!) so please don't hesitate to send me an email! :) Blessings, ~C. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " /"> " /">
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My dear friends.... ...and the authors I've been reading: -Scott Cunningham -Christopher Penczak -Z. Budapest -Marian Weinstein -others I will add as I remember them

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