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I have been thinking over and over again about something to put in here, and the more I sit here, the more I realize that I don't really know much about myself at all. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, I just feel as though I am tumbling down the rabbit's hole. I am learning a great deal about the energy within the Infinite Cosmos, and how my/our energy correlates within it. I feel my body is preparing itself for the storage of this knowledge as well. It is preparing itself for the training exercises with gaining this knowledge. The first missions will involve breaking down and rebuilding Ego. The name Brother of Monks is my interpretation of the meaning of my given birth name. Desmoine Jermaine is the first and middle, and for the longest time, and still today, I go by D.J.. I've tried to totally ignore my first name's existence until recently. Something told me urgently to look up my name. I found that Des Moines is french for "of monks" and Jermaine means "brotherly" and "from Germany". Hmm I feel I should change the name from Brother of Monks to Brother Monk. My first name is Desmoine, without the (s)...

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I have found my inner/ higher self. He is deep within me, and he is all around me at the same time. He is there at every question and every life lesson. He has shown me that he is all that is. He has also shown me that he IS me. He is my present, my past, and my future. He has shown me things that I can not even begin to describe with words... though I do try! He is a Knight of Light and it is he that is couching me along my training.

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  • "Happy Birthday!"

  • Hi Brother Monk !

    Hope you are happy and well and that everything in your life works fine for you in these days of purification and change. Take care, my friend.

    I wish you love, light, balance and happiness !

  • Good weekend to you!
    How are my dear friend ?
    may God bless you today and allways
    i miss you
    edite ***
  • Brother..come and join me at
    ~i Gaia~
    Temple for the Soul

  • ..this is my prayer..

  • Hi, yes Oasis were enourmous, I recommend you see them in concert at least once!
    I think there are alot of differences between Europe and the USA but also many similarities. I know alot of Americans and I tend to get on very well with you guys, perhaps because I see it as the place where I will
    finally settle.
    I really like to respond sooner, I will do so next time. I guess I am pretty stressed because I am planning to leave this town but am not sure if I will find word in the new town I go to.
    I checked out that English teaching site but it was for places that I dont think would really work well for me.
    first of all I think I am going to move to Pau(the town I will move to) and if I cant find work there I will explore some other options. I generally pick the place and then the job rathar than the other way around.
    I have heard of Craigslist but in Europe it isnt very well known. there is a site called vivastreet.com that is popular here.
    Yes, I do feel I stronly resonate with my name, it has alot of meaning to me but to be honest I dont think I am living up to it. That is a very good point you made about my story and it has some truth to it! in fact to some extent the main character who is looking for a saviour turns out to be a kind of saviour himself.
    The story isnt coming along real well at the moment. I wrote alot on Sunday of this one section but it didnt really flow very well and the quality was fairly poor. Anyway I have to have a read over it again but I didnt feel that good about it when I wrote. It is getting a bit disturbing in that I am having trouble getting the real inspiration that I used to.

    So you said that your place is overflowing alot recently over there?what has been going on?
    OK well take it slow and Ill speak to you later!

  • Hi! Im so happy to hear that you are an Oasis fan! Actually they used to Tour the United States alot, usually once a year, Im sure they will be back there soon. For some reason they never took off in the States like they did over here, which I always thought was a bit sad. In Europe and especially the U.K., Oasis were as big as the Beatles in their prime.
    Here is their website if you want to check for concert dates: http://www.myspace.com/oasis
    By the way, Im sorry I took ages to reply this thread, from Wednesday afternoon to friday I almost have no spare time! It is the busiest time of my week.
    Thanks so much for the link to English teaching jobs, I have not checked it yet but will soon in great detail. There could be something good there as you suggest. Thanks for keeping an eye out, let me know if you see anything, especially if it is Pau in Southern France!
    By they way, it is interesting about the meaning of your name. Funnily enough I just did some research into my own first name today. My name, Myles is from the Latin word "miles"(pronunced me-les) which means soldier.
    Apparently it has a Gaelic derivative and means "servent of Jesus". The German version apparently means peaceful, which was interesting. I think in fact it is from ancient Greek and it is possible it is a derivative of Michael, which is of course a hebrew name. I like to think it is Greek because I love ancient Greece.
    Well, thats all from me, how about you? have you been busy recently? doing alot of DJing?
    I hope all is well with you!

  • He is actually a nice lion :D

    his human owners dont give him enough room so now he BREAKS OUT. but only with anger.. :D
  • Hello Brother Monk :D

    Glad to be your friend. And Brother :D
  • Hi, I went to see Oasis, it is my favourite band! I want to move to a town called Pau, which is closer the the
    pyrenees to where I am now. I am looking for an English teaching job there. If there is any way that you can help me, it would be deeply appreciated of course, but Im not sure what you could do...unless you could create a job for me somehow! What were you thinking of?

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Brother Monk left a comment for DRACO
"Hey Myles!
Yeah man I love Oasis, but I had NO IDEA they were that big over seas! Its amazing how much the deep blue seas truly divides us. Thank you for the myspace link!
Please, don't ever worry about having to apologize for a slow response. Trust…"
Mar 2, 2009
Brother Monk replied to samadhi_grace's discussion Mer-Ka-Ba Activation Meditation
"Thank you for the post Samadhi_grace! I started to do the first section as I read it, and yeah I could feel and see the power behind it! I will definitely make this a daily exercise.

thanks again
Feb 25, 2009
Brother Monk left a comment for John
"Your lions are eating some of the words off the screen lol

That is a beast of a Lion in that pic though man. He looks angry."
Feb 25, 2009
Brother Monk left a comment for John
"Haha! Ditto on that one my friend! Are you from the area? I'm not so much. I'm really just now getting the fact that there is no such thing as winter here. lol
... just odd

Feb 25, 2009

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