March 11

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Hello, I am sure that reality can not be reduced to what is material, I feel deep in my body and my soul. I hope to develop through meditation openness of heart that we so sorely lacking on earth at this time of adversity

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  • "Happy Birthday!"
  • Bienvenu sur ce site !
    Je parles aussi le français mais ma langue maternelle est l'anglais .
    Je vis actuellement, mais pour peu de temps encore en Suisse Romande où l'on parle le français.
    Peace & Blessings Your Way
  • Hello!
    Nice to see your profile picture, very enchanting. Socrate and Spinoza, wohoo! :)
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Bellahcene Rabire left a comment for Fernanda
"Hello dear Fernanda,

I live in France and i would like to know if you speak french. Thank you for answer"
Jan 29, 2010

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"You must tell them, there is no death....!!

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View Full Articles @ http://www.UniversalLighthouseBlog.com/blogPlease Use your own "Personal Discernment" on all content posted. What doesn’t resonate for you, May well be, a message for someone else. It is not your place to make choices for…
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"Ara-I think your right-our toes are hanging over the cliff"
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"What is this about? I remember in detail most of the shows I've gone to. Is this a new phenom-short attention spans from social media/tik tok? MRNA shots? Researchers say spike protiens are getting into the fatty tissue of human brains from the…"
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Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Went To The Mind Body Spirit Show And Came Across A Wonderful New Product
"Yes Sir/Madam a spoonful and you are in heaven"
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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
I go to this show every year to see whats new and came across a stall with some wonderful products Please Check @ https://www.crystalnutri.co.uk/crystal-mixes/ 
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We currently have KP6 geomagnetic and solar storms, as it continues to rain M-Class solar flares for the past few days. The old artificial Matrix realities are falling apart and collapsing from beneath and all around us, affecting all!Everything is…
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