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Spread Your Sparkle!!!

🌟Never forget that you are a Cheerleader for The Divine. You came from a far-off place to anchor your joy & shine Source Light on the darkness. So, unfurl your wings, grab your pom-poms & shout your truth from the rooftops, for all to hear! Sparkle your way down the supermarket aisles, dance across the soccer field, cartwheel down the Crystal Grid, spreading stardust wherever you go! We are an unstoppable force for change & we are at our most powerful when we work together, when we embrace our diversities and methodologies. We are a brilliant Galactic Squad & each one of us is an irreplaceable team-member. Each person that you ignite a spark of light in brings us closer to the awakening of The Collective, & thus the ultimate goal-the ascension of Humanity & the physical manifestation of the highest expression of the 5D timeline. The timeline of peace, prosperity & love. So, glitter on, Star Family, & let nothing dull your shine! ~ Bella

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