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September 26



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I am a conscious being of light. I am here on the planet to help in the processes of all that is. I have always looked for my true purpose in this life. I have recently found a new way of being that is very empowering for me. I have been overwhelmed by my life long experiences on the planet earth. Currently I am training to let the experiences happen and learn from them. I have been holding myself back my entire life, not really sure what I was waiting on. I have not fully put myself into anything. I guess I have been hiding out until the right time. I have been learning some very powerful techniques in the recent times. To fulfill myself and my true purpose, I have to serve and worship my life partner and my family. I have waited my entire life to live with and serve my family. I believe in the unimaginable, the unbelievable, the inconceivable. I understand the non understandable. We are all one and we are here for the same reasons. Today is the beginning of my complete acceptance and allowance of everything as is. I will be present more than ever. I am... presence.... I am allowance. It is, and it will always be perfectly perfect. I am raising my vibration and increasing positive activity and participation. I will no longer hold back my true rays of love for you. My family. Now that I am present, I always will be. I will update everyone more once I reach the next level. For now, thanks for being.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

The me before me, and myself now. Pure Energy, who is my life partner here on earth, and my intergalactic travel partner. She is the vessel in which nurtured and delivered our light child to the earth. Goddess ISIS, thanks, thanks for giving life to Ashtar once again.

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  • This Video meditation is extremely wonderful..... close your eyes and just let it be....

  • I Love You! Within seconds of clicking on the TwinFlame Reuniting Group you contacted me and within hours we were back in eachothers arms. It's so great to have you back in my life again. I am sooo happy you are ready for the great mission that is ahead and have accepted your peace of the mission. :) Love Love Love, Light Light Light (:
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Being Magnificent left a comment for Ashtar Isis aka PureEnergy
"Thank you for the acceptance of my Light rays. I AM PRESENT, I AM ACCEPTANCE, I AM ALLOWANCE, I AM FAMILY, I AM LIGHT, and I AM LOVE....."
Jun 21, 2009
Being Magnificent posted a photo
Message of LOVE to Evangeline Sunday
Jun 19, 2009
Being Magnificent left a comment for Being Magnificent
"This Video meditation is extremely wonderful..... close your eyes and just let it be...."
Jun 19, 2009
Being Magnificent replied to Ben-Arion's discussion "LIVING YOUR PERSONAL REVEALED TRUTHS"
"This is amazing information. We are so fortunate to have received this message so soon. Thanks for BEING!!"
Jun 17, 2009

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