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Aquarian Starseed. I AM here to: 1. To hold before the eyes of humanity the vision of the current phase of the Divine Plan for Earth. 2. To educate mankind regarding the most pertinent and urgent issues of the day. 3. To guide others toward a realisation of their own innate divinity. 4. To inspire mankind to enter upon its destined work of planetary service. 5. To restore balance and, therefore, to help heal planet Earth. 6. To receive illumination from the higher worlds and to share this wherever appropriate for the furtherance of mankind's spiritual interests. 7. To act as a bridge between the old and the New - the lower and the Higher - by receiving light and power from above, and, using both of these under the inspiration of loving purpose, to eradicate evil, reinstate virtue, anchor the new Aquarian frequencies into the physical plane, and so help build the New World of tomorrow.

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  • You are welcome, as the song on my page ( Wind...) brought you dear Barron...
    What we think happens , I believe...
  • Namaste my good friend, thank you for the friend request. Many blessings to you, dear commander.
  • Thanks for the Welcome Home! :)
  • Always a pleasure to read your posts. God bless
  • Hey Barron *S*
    Actually Guinevere is my online name, it contains an energy that I wished to bring into field which is why I use it. I am from New Zealand but have been living in the UK for the nine plus years... currently travelling through Central and South America on the way to settle in my beloved home country. I love France as well, it was very strange the first time I went there I started dreaming in French, I never took lessons so it was rather interesting! I have just also completed my first surf lesson last week, wow I did not realise it was so physical, but loved it, I can't believe I had not tried it properly before, now looking for a beach to hang on and practice for awhile *S*
  • Hey Barron, nice to meet you :) Piha nice place.
  • thanks for add me, soulfriend. peace and love,heli
  • Hi Barron, Just wanted to say hi and I'm glad to see your list of books is here. It is a wonderful compilation and I look forward to referring to it! Blessings, xochitl

  • Hi Barron !

    Thank you for accepting me as your friend - I look very much forward to it.
    Whaoo, you have really been reading a lot of books (smiling). I just recognize a few of them but I like "Bringers of the dawn". The film K-pax is also intersting. Take care for now !

    I wish you a lot of love, light and happiness !

  • welcome back Barron!!!!!


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Hi.  If there is anyone from New Zealand here that loves the Ashtar Command then perhaps you may be interested in my personalised message car registration plate which is ASHTAR with the word command underneath. Per the following…
Feb 4, 2020

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""Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in the bleak December and each separate dying ember, wrought it's ghost upon the floor...!!"

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"The Pantomime-shamdemic was a test for all of us, in 2020/21....Never let them ban Christmas again....The LIGHT will always prevail in our hearts...🎄🎄🎄🎅🏻🎄🎄🎄

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Nexus Magazine has published some very knowledgeable articles worth reading remembering KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Download articles to read @ Free Downloads - Nexus MagazineFree Downloads
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"Totally agree with you dear heart, about the Tartars...Their culture is ancient and rich and the traditional clothing does have a unique asiatic style....👍🏻
Actually, when I listen to the excellent music of Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin, I often…"
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"Tartar sounds cool! I never heard the language before. I also like the traditional clothing."
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"Sikhs need to use their knowledge of foods that are in the mode of goodness and those that are in the mode of ignorance and passion.
In other words Sikhs need to wake up and ban onions and garlic in their daily food ( Langar ) as they are in the…"
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"Well Guru Nanak ..one of the greatest in spreading g Divine Knowledge"
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There is but one God and his name is Truth Full of Divine Knowledge https://thegurunanak.com/english/
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