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  • Blessings of Gratitude and Adoration, dear heart.. <3 

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November 1

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Achiving greater perfection by remembering and practicing myself as perfect

Barakzai commented on Archeia Luciela's blog post About Immanuel and CM Aton
"AAniela thank you eternally for your answer. I seek knowlegde Aniela. There is ritual called the lake of fire where you summon azazel, belial, amayon and abaddon. It is supposed to remove all limitation within you and prepare you for that type of…"
Apr 13, 2013
Barakzai commented on Archeia Luciela's blog post About Immanuel and CM Aton
"Aniela I have question. Do you know what agenda this being Azazel has. This being promotes another type of accent. Azazel promotes to become like him, a demonic king over legions of spirits.Who is this entity and what does Azazel profit from us…"
Apr 12, 2013

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"This world is a beautiful book, but of little use to who cannot read it."
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J: Someone emailed me to ask who – or indeed what! – is God?Ashian: This is a wonderful question and one that takes lifetimes to answer, however we shall attempt to be brief!Can you imagine a void? Nothingness? And then a bubble appears, from…
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"And speaking of C.A.N.Z.U.K. which is another prime focus for British revised foreign policy, we have a politician, in Canadian candidate for PM, Erin O'Toole, who is very keen to replace Trudeau, and roll up his sleeves to enable the new…"
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"Alexander Downer, the Australian former Foreign Minister, discusses the background to the formation of AUKUS, the new military alliance between UK-US-Australia....
He correctly describes the needs that motivated it's creation and the historical…"
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Here we have William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, telling us how to treat people we meet.Questioner: William LePar said that spiritually successful people can look at anybody and see some goodness in them. And sometimes you look at…
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