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Oceanside, CA


October 2

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I am more ecclectic in my spiritual beliefs as I've learned about various philosophies and belief systems over the years.

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Paramahansa Yogananda, Native American spirituality, Nature spirituality, Betty Bethards, No Eyes, Neal Donald Walsch, Carlos Casteneda, life between lives

Avalon1002 left a comment for Avalon2001
"Thanks for your posts, Jose!  I really appreciate them.  The YouTube video, I Love You, is truly a treasure! :-D  Thank you!!"
Dec 10, 2012
Avalon1002 commented on Dr. SohiniBen Shukla's video
"All my life, I've had a sense that I wasn't from here, Earth, that I didn't belong here.  More recently, as I've discovered the many possibilities that exist throughout the Multiverses, dimensions and planes, I've come to the realization that Sirius…"
Nov 3, 2012
Avalon1002 replied to 30vm011v8d1s8's discussion I Cant Take This Stress Anymore
"Hi Sarah,
I completely understand exactly what you're feeling - I'm more or less in the same boat (different circumstances, same result).  I feel sad, helpless, etc. and knowing that I create it all and can change it by making different choices…"
Oct 20, 2012

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Joanna replied to Ara's discussion OCEAN
"Ara, I love this :) I learned Tai Chi (a few decades ago), and still use a warm-up called the Dragon Curl...which works with breath, to take all rigidity from the body and let the chi Tai Chi you breathe down to the the lower…"
11 minutes ago
Malik liked Spiritual Marcus's blog post Reflected Emotions☹|Divine light in everyone🌟
19 minutes ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
3   Statues Iguanes Reptiliens Pérou 720p Satanic statue appears at Illinois statehouse Satanic statue to be unveiled in Detroit Naked devil statue erected in Vancouver USA: Counter-protesters raise hell over Satanists' Baphomet statueThe gov allows…
23 minutes ago
Acute Observer posted a status
Getting irritated that wants to have my personal info before I'm allowed to see the comments on their vids..
1 hour ago
Acute Observer left a comment on Comment Wall
"Drekx and Malcolm. I am SO Sorry for treating you like shaite a few years ago. I were cocky, full of self righteousness, and convinced that I were Right. I know now that I weren't. We should connect again. I Truly miss you guys."
1 hour ago
Acute Observer left a comment on Comment Wall
"Where's Drekx and Malcolm when we need them the most? :)"
1 hour ago
Acute Observer left a comment on Comment Wall
"Bluesword Angel, Are you saying that we should LEAVE ACC in order to get what you're trying to communicate?"
1 hour ago
Spiritual Marcus posted a blog post
Most of us just ignore the emotions that are thrown towards us and don't realize that the universe is showing us these emotions in other people because its a reflection of our own
3 hours ago