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April 27

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My name is Kayla, I'm 29 years old from Texas. I am a Christian, I enjoy reading, history, archaeology and astronomy.

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  • airelle_b@yahoo.com

  • Hi there! Yes, Jesus, and Sananda are one and the same. He has several names, can't think of the other ones right now. I will send you a website that has 48 lessons by Sananda. You can print them so you can read at your leisure. They ask for $1.00, for each lesson you print. I have really enjoyed reading them, he has quite a sense of humor. Ok, I have a question for you. since, you are into astronomy. I know when you look up at the stars at night, that you always see different constellations, depending on what time of year it is. my question is this... how long do you see the same constellation? The reason is because from Feb.-April this year there was a extra bright star, about 8 pm, to the west, kind of by the moon. it stayed several months. i know Venus is the brightest star, but this isn't like what I ever remember in the past. Several people said it was a ship. Did you happen to see that star? We have a telescope but it needs adjusting.   Oh, I want to send you a pix of the ship I saw on 225 that morning. I was sitting in on Sheldans webinar, and there he had a picture of the same thing I saw. I need to transfer it from my camera to the computer. here is my e mail, if you want me to send it let me know    .airelle_b@yahoo.com  Next thing I want to tell you . Did you see that ad on this website, about a free starseed report? I signed up and Anita sent me a sample report. I talked to her, and what an incredible light being she is. She sent me a a beautiful copy of my soul origin. I am from a planet in the Orion constellation, named Artuvia. She told me of archangel teams around me, totems,divine gifts, how many life times, I have had, and how far on my path I have gotten. It was very interesting and exciting. She blew me away! A beacon of integrity. I felt so honored we had our paths cross! Ok, have a great night, e mail me  if you want to. love and light, JA

  • Greetings Kayla..... I also have found the Galactics a year ago. I have been a seeker, for many years,because I always knew there was something more.. I am an old hippie!! My whole life the moon and stare meant so much to me. I wonder what took me sooo long to wake up?? I will give you my favorite  websites. You may know them already.

    1. www.soundofheart.org   this is Galactic Free Press in Mount Shasta, for a donation of what ever you can, Mother God(the publisher) will speak to you about whatever you want to talk about.

    2www..paoweb.com   this is Sheldan's site


    4www..kauilapele.wordpress.com   from Hawaii

    5www..treeofthegoldenlight.com  Nancy channels several beings from inner Earth, she is moving and getting set back uo in New Mexico, so she will resume her web soon. She does a tele/webcast called the family gathering. At the end, you get to ask questions. I have spoken to Adama 2 times, and Horus 1 time. it was very exciting. Sananda, andHhaton were there too.

    Ok, yes this year on my way to work, on 225 headed west I saw my first FOR SURE ship right over my head. It came out of nowhere and passed directly over me, heading east. That road is full of refinery's, maybe they were keeping an eye on them. It was long, and to put it in words, I would say it was kind of shaped like a ruler! How about you?Can't wait to see our sky filled!! love and light to you!! JA

    Sound of Heart Productions
  • Good morning Kayla...... so how long have you been on this journey to enlightenment with the Galactics? It is so exciting, isn't it? I have spent hours a day, reading all I can,  If you need some good web sites, or have any questions, I would be thrilled to share what I know. I have been trying to wake these Texans up for a long time. Most are just not ready. I have several friends, who listen to me just because they love me.they hope it is true, but they aren't believers. You are the first and only local person, I know of!!! Have a great day, love and light!!!! JA

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  •  Hi..just saw your from Houston too. Nice to see someone local. I have been trying for months and months to wake these Texans up, it is very hard. I spoke to Adama about it. He told me at least I am spreading seeds, that hopefully someday they will grow!! I live in La Porte, where are you??Love and light, Janet Airelle

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AstronomerGirl left a comment for Janet Airelle
"Hi Janet, I sent you a email, but it didn't send.  I'm not sure I wrote your email right, does airelle have a dot before it?"
Jun 30, 2012
AstronomerGirl left a comment for Janet Airelle
"Hi Janet, thank you for the websites I have never been to these before. That is neat about the ufo you saw, I have never seen one. I do believe that ufo's are what the bible calls chariots of fire.
Do you believe that Sananda is Jesus from the…"
Jun 28, 2012
AstronomerGirl left a comment for Janet Airelle
"Hi Janet, I have been on the journey for about a year, how long have you been on it?  I would love some good websites to help me learn more. I would like to ask what you think of UFO's and have you ever seen one? Love and Light to you as well Kayla"
Jun 27, 2012
AstronomerGirl left a comment for Janet Airelle
"Hi Janet, its nice hearing from you. How are you doing? Its nice to see a fellow texan too. I live just south of Houston, I never put the name of my town online. I'm new to the site, still learning about all of this. Hope to hear from you again. God…"
Jun 26, 2012

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