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November 20

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I am the discoverer of an ancient megalithic sacred site of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Agartha Kingdom, and a contactee of the galactic federation. this discovery I made at the age of 7 after a powerful mystical experience, was also the fulfillment of an ancient local Indian Elders prophecy. You can read about the story of the sacred site discovery on my web site, and I also relate my story as a contactee of the Galactic Federation of Light, with hundreds of UFO sightings over the Matawini sacred site, many UFO group sightings, and recently, a major ARMADA sighting of over 100 UFO of the Galactic Federation at very low altitude over my house in Montreal. My incarnation mission is clearly intimately related to the Galactic Federation of Light & the Agartha Kindom who are the original builders of this sacred site. From my foreknowledge that I would discover - Obelisks shaped like Flames of Stone - hidden on the Matawini sacred Site, many years before I finally discovered the first One, and then over a dozen other crystal obelisks shaped like flames of stone afterward, the only possible explanation for this strong and clear foreknowledge, based also on an akashik vision I had at the moment I discovered one of the most magnificent of these crystal obelisks, is that I have been part of the operation involved in hiding them, at the end of the Atlantis age, in order to protect them during the anticipated Dark Age, until I could be sent on a mission in another incarnation to rediscover them and bring them to the light of day to be used during the time of the Ascension in 2012. As my inner vision had asked, so I have accomplished: ''You will find hidden Obelisks that are shaped like Flames of Stone, arise them again to awaken the New Age of Light on Earth.'' I have devoted a substancial part of my life to make the different sacred sites located around the Matawini mountain accessible by forest path, and also the cleanup of the fallen trees so these magnificent sacred sites could be seen and experienced in all their glorious and inspiring beauty. This sacred site has through my devoted work, become a true paradise for the spiritual seeker, and I wish that soon after Ascension, many will be able to enjoy this bliss and serenity. Through a lifetime of prayers, meditation and initiatic spiritual enlightement, I have bring back to life this ancient sacred site that had been lost to the eyes of men since Eons. May I say that all the prayers that I have made on this prophetic site have been answered... and even more. I am a PARADISE MAKER, in the deepest sense of the word. You can experience a virtual visit of the magalithic sacred site of Matawini in a Photo slide show on my web site: www.astraelia.piczo.com astraelia@gmail.com

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  • 8113822262?profile=originalI am humbled to be your friend Astraelia. Thank you for reaching your hand out. I accept you with an open heart & arms




  • Hi Astraelia, it's very nice to meet you my musician friend. Thank you for your friendship :-)  I love the work you are doing at these sacred sites and thank you for this as well. I hope to experience their beauty and harmony one day. I play the violin and piano and look forward to sharing music and learning much in the process. Much love and peace to you <3
  • Hey Astraelia

    8113751095?profile=originalPeace Love and Empathy :)

  • I understand I was acting too quickly, I was in the understanding you corrected me to love with the heart as meaning of life, because a few hours before I posted at another forum a post about the meaning of life, which was a bit different.

    For your reference, this was done here:


    My apologies for the confusion.

    Much Love, Stefan

  • Eeeek..

    You snapped me at another forum x)

    Thank you for correcting me about the meaning of life!

    I'll visit your website soon and share everything I know about the Megaliths in Europe..

    ... not all are still at the place where they originally meant to be.

  • Hello Astraelia,


    Remind me at Megaliths, I have some worthfull information about european Megaliths.

    I feel like to work together with you some time in the near future.

  • Hello Astraelia,I just sent you a message.Check out your inbox.Have a great one my friend.


  • Hello Astraelia,I look very much forward to sharing in musical expression with you in one of the celestial orchestras.Have you ever listened to Tom Kenyon? Stay blessed my brother.


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"Dear sunspiritsmiles, your contribution of messages from Agartha is very precious,There is a possibility that the 2 entrance to middle earth I discovered may be reactivated when the Agarthians decide to come and meet us again, after milleniums of…"
Jul 4, 2011
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"Grace be unto you Anush for your appreciation and contribution to this seed vision.Astraelia"
Jul 2, 2011
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Jul 2, 2011
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"COSMIC D Day is coming:From what I understand, reading in between the lines of what is going on behind the scene: The reason the Gal Fed of Light cannot at the moment contact more openly the New Civilization members is to protect us... as the Dark…"
Jul 2, 2011

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