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December 16

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Photobucket I am no medium, but I was once under the influence of some sort of negative that is on this world.. but the light has risen in me and it is time to spread the new message.. we are them.. they are us.. we are moving into a new age and i think our people are ready. I am a musician.. of a sorts *grins* and I manage two like minded groups called Off-World Entertainment & Jabberwock A\V We use electronic sounds, resonance essentially, to stipulate ideas about the true nature of the cosmos as well as to help unlock human minds from the effects of mind control.. Most of my inspiration comes from dreams and lots of research that I conduct related to the activities of the secret government and its.. secret agenda.. We are working to reverse its affects on our youth.. I understand that it is not my responsibility to run around "enlightening people" but what I (we) do does have a positive effect on the consciousness. I don't make much (Psytrance specifically) isn't too profitable in Seattle haha and that's not why we do this stuff.. we do this because it feels good and it makes other people feel good, when we all resonate together..

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  • Namaste!Thank you for your friendship! Love and light...

  • Sailing through the universe on the ocean of enlightenment with great friends together experiencing the awesome power of the masters light and love.

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"Greetings! your light and guidance is Honorably received.."
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