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  • And lovely that you liked the pic on my profile!!!
  • Hey Annsie! Welcome to Ashtar command crew!!!
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Annsie commented on Krishna Kalki's video
"Why is a lot of what he talks about missing? They just show the alien while he talks about plenty of other things as though we are seeing what he is talking about??"
Nov 22, 2010
Annsie replied to Darth Vindex's discussion War criminals to be channeled on Ashtar Command?
"There is another thing that bugs me, The "Good Guys" whoever they may be are always telling us that they don't intefer because of free will and all that, but how come the "The Dark ones" can intefer as much as they please.....If the Dark Cabal can…"
Nov 22, 2010

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amparo alvarez posted a blog post
Repairing Earth’s Grids & Removing Pollution ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.We are placing a great deal of our emphasis at this time on…
11 minutes ago
amparo alvarez posted a blog post
----------- UFO Disclosure is coming to the forefront of the human consciousness UFO disclosure is hitting the mainstream media these days, and many wonder about the different directions this still-unfolding story could potentially take. The…
1 hour ago
amparo alvarez posted a blog post
 Along the path of awakening, it is quite common to play out lingering unconsciousness through patterns of neutrality and engagement. Not that neutrality or engagement are inherent forms of the unconscious, but both are common spaces for a remaining…
1 hour ago
amparo alvarez posted a blog post
I am so happy they are back...I did not hear from the in more than two years...I believed they moved to Canada from upstate NY...A lot of people judged them very harshly...I chose to back them up...Blessings...Amparo  Why Are We So Grateful That We…
1 hour ago
amparo alvarez posted a blog post
Moving into Zero Point6/13/2021  The intensity is building. Many were knocked flat with the solar eclipse and we are heading to a very powerful Solstice on June 21st. There feels to be a push to connect deep within, to our ancestors, to our truth,…
1 hour ago
Alan posted a status
Not to worry though, everyday brings us more new opportunities to share.
2 hours ago
Mariza replied to Mariza's discussion Last video, Soul_important!
5 hours ago
Mariza posted a discussion
care, share and Be aware! Thank you namasté
5 hours ago