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1. Walking In Your Ascended Master Shoes

2. Message from Adama

Greetings Dear Friends,

This month's broadcast was yet another powerful one. Filled with information, answers and tools for our Ascension.
Click here to watch:

Adama talks about "Walking in Your Ascended Master Shoes," which brought yet another valuable perspective about our journey into the next dimension.
Archangel Michael surprised us with a profound piece of information about our Spirit Guides. It was an incredible paradigm shift for us.

After these new insights, Adama and Archangel Michael had a wonderful conversation with the audience and answered questions such as:
  • What role do boundaries play in our Ascension process?
  • Do we turn into Breatharians on our Ascension path?
  • How will I find peace with my finances?
  • And more...

Adama and Archangel Michael offered us wonderful guided meditations, which are useful tools that can be repeated anytime you feel guided to:

Adama's meditation: "Healing Your Core-Self"
Archangel Michael's meditation: "Healing Old Poverty Programming"
It was very powerful...
So, enjoy! :o)
Visit to watch it.

With Blessings of Love and Light,
Annette Sassou

Message from Adama:

"Greetings Beloveds!

It is our utmost joy to connect with you once again.

We bring you waves of Love from the heart of Telos.

As you are approaching the pivotal time of the great shift, it is imperative to remain focused on your co-creative abilities.

Right now, many messages of events that might instill fear in you are being spread. How do these messages affect your vibrational frequencies? They lower your vibrational frequencies and thus attracting unpleasant events into your life. You might say "But I have to be prepared!" and we tell you "The best preparation is to raise your vibrational frequencies by focusing on joyful events and how you envision Heaven on Earth. That my friends, is your preparation! From this new vantage point you will be guided to take inspired action, which will naturally keep you save."

You are doing so well, beloveds and we champion your victory.

You are loved beyond measure and we are here for you... always.

I am Adama, your brother in Telos"



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~ How to Master Your Reality ~

Adama of Telos

channeled by Annette Sassou


8108746674?profile=original"Greetings dear Ones!


We are most pleased to see you all here tonight. We are so joyous, we can't even put it in words, how happy we are, to see each and every one of you dear Ones. We have been anticipating this event tonight for a very long time. And we want you to know that your souls have agreed for a very long time as well to be here tonight at this moment.


The energies are accelerating at this time and you might have felt several shifts and ripples that have gone through this area, through your energy fields and through your entire being, yes? Indeed.


Every time when you do experience those symptoms and physical sensations in your bodies right now, what we want you to do, is to really relax into it. Do not try to fight it dear Ones. As you relax, you allow even more of the light quotient to enter every cell and every electron of your bodies. When you can, you might even chose to lay down. And if you are at work, try to lay down when you come back home. Because, as you are relaxing, you are allowing the integration of the energies more thoroughly.


Either way it will be all working out for you, because even if you don't have the chance to lay down and if you are at work where you have to talk with people and you are busy... you are so busy dear times, you can chose to just sit still for a moment and to take a deep breath...a breath of source energy that will center you again. And even in that split second of a breath, we will be able to let the energies flow into your bodies and into your being. It goes way beyond your bodies, as you know. Right now, each aura of yours is expanding so vast, dear Ones - you see?


Every thought now that you think it goes out. It goes out. Every thought, every emotion it goes out and it doesn't stop. There is no point of ending in the vibrational energy of a thought. You think it and it will go out infinitely throughout many dimensions.

Now, you can take this knowledge as wisdom and as a guideline for what you are thinking – all the time. We understand that you are very conditioned in your thinking patterns, and you might catch yourself that you continue to think about something and that you keep thinking the same thought. And either it makes you happy, than please continue thinking that happy thought. But if it is not a happy thought, if it is less than joy, then you can chose to see  that habit of thought and then you can chose to say: "Perhaps I'll chose a different thought now".


As you understand more and more how your thoughts are molding your realities you will become more and more ascended masters as you are on your journey. So, as you go throughout your daily life, understand more and more, that every moment of your life right now is the opportunity to use the power of your thought to mold your reality. And the gap between your thought and your experienced reality will become shorter and shorter. And so you are more in charge of your reality..."


To watch a full length video of the Adama channel for free visit

In this video Adama will take you on a guided meditation called "A Journey to Telos" and he is answering questions such as:  "Where do we ascend to?" – "How do the different dimensions work?"  - "Can we take our loved ones with us when we ascend?" and more...




 Artwork of Adama by Glenda Green and Aurelia Louise Jones

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