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    Thank you for you Videos, they helped me.AETHER%20COVER.jpg

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  • Kristina it looks like do dont like comments on your page...


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I'm Anna Kristina Sofia. I am a Spiritual Energy Healer, I received my gift of healing by opening my third eye in which I experienced a Kundalini Awakening. An experience that transformed my being by permanently opening up my etheric light body and allowing me to share the divine energy that channels through me. I work with removing blocks from past lives and karmic imprints that that limits your full expression in your current human incarnation. By removing blockages and transferring energy to your energetic body I help your body and soul to heal on a spiritual, physical and mental level. My aim is bring people back to their true self that radiates love and joy, where happiness is their permanent state of being.

Anna Kristina Sofia posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Anna Kristina Sofia posted a blog post
This is one of my favourites that I originally learned from Tao Semko, but I’ve tweaked it a little and you can too.. Enjoy!
Feb 21, 2014
Anna Kristina Sofia left a comment for Xelrazan
"Thank you for your encouraging comment, means a lot to me! :)"
Feb 7, 2014
Anna Kristina Sofia posted a blog post
How do I learn to love my Self? I often get asked. The thing is, its not a thing that happens over night, its a continuous practice of re-wiring your nervous system. By changing your thoughts about how you feel about yourself. How you speak about…
Jan 25, 2014

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His cunning plans will save humanity."
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"I believe Rowan Atkinson foresaw the decline in humanity's intelligence; after Black Adder he created Mr. Bean and it worked, like in the movie Idiocracy LOL"
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"Over the top, chaps....!!!"
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"Fair enough Roaring...You have your list of do's and don'ts...We all do....I must suggest to you though, that "dark" does not mean simply means hidden or unknown, in the shade...For example, we call the dark cabal that, because, like a…"
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But you must understand that I always tell pple not to used words in such a way as to cause ambiguity. I have wrote here over and over against:

1.) Using 'energy' to mean 'spirit'
2.)Using 'love' to mean 'God'
3.)Using 'heart' to mean 'part…"
3 hours ago