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  • Hola Angeles de Crystal!
  • Namaste Lina, apenas el día de hoy vi tu invitacion de amigo, Gracias, claro que acepto.
    Somos Uno y estamos creando una Nueva Tierra.
    Yo vivo en la Colonia Roma Sur, ¿tú por donde?, quizás más adelante podamos hacer contacto.
    Saludos, Besos y que la felicidad te acompañe siempre

  • Thanks so much for the compliment to my page. If you really want instuctions as to how to import pretty pictures to your page I will walk you through it. Let me know. Took me awhile to twink with it, but finally got it the way I wanted it after a gazillion tries, haha. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Love and Light


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  • Qué increíble foto me fascinó José gracias
  • Thank You it is lovely also to be Your friend, Lina.

  • Wonderful meetings now going on I´m amazed. Just a preview of what´s coming up.
    Our time finally is arriving. It´s all around.
    In Love and Light
  • May your holidays be filled with light and joy my dear friend, and filled with the beautiful music of uplifted souls.

    Love to you


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  • Muchisimas gracias Lina, igualmente deseo lo mejor para este 2010
    Bendiciones !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Por cierto, me encanta lo que haces!!!!!!!!!!
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"Water’s structure reacts to any irritation. Its molecules are organized in clusters that work as “memory cells,” so to speak. Within each memory cell there are 440,000 information panels that are responsible for the interaction with its environment,…"
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"A physicist may ask why introduce the mind at all. We reason this way:

Lets state the 'collapse' without involving the mind:

A quantum system is in a superposition of states untill an interaction between itself and a classic device collapses the…"
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""R Lovely, I gently look forward to a profoundly cohesive and holistic post-quantum physics unfolding from the next unfoldment of human awareness, in the 'blink of an infinite I'."

May be such is what I see it too.

Note that you can still…"
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