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December 22

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About Xyra

"Xyra is a writer/editor, chanteuse, and long-time student of metaphysics. Over the years, she has investigated and become certified in various religious and spiritual disciplines. Raised Christian, to include Christian Science, Xyra has also explored and/or practiced Buddhism, Hinduism, Kundalini Yoga, Divine Manifestation, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, Reiki (energy healing), Wicca, and Rosicrucianism.

Xyra's faith is based on the Cosmic Christ, allowing space for God to show His/Her face to everyone. All aspirant paths lead to the center, in her view. Portending the Love + Light of Christ, Xyra does not judge others for their religious beliefs. Focusing on the goals, Karma, and gifts of the individual is one of Xyra's best qualities.

Xyra's philosophy is founded on the belief that realizing our nature as spiritual is vital to attaining true happiness, thus better enabling us to serve the greater good...

...Following in her maternal grandfather's footsteps, Xyra is also a member of the Ordo Rosae Crucis. However, she does not follow fully any doctrine laid out by human means, but keeps and open heart and mind to receive Divine guidance from the source of all knowledge, which transcends caste and creed."

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Edgar Cayce, Rudolph Steiner, Ruth Montgomery, Venice Bloodworth, Ernest Holmes, Isabel Hickey, Doreen Virtue, and others.

Xyra received Angel Therapy Practitioner® training and certification in Kona, Hawaii by psychotherapist, metaphysician, and renowned Hay House author, Doreen Virtue, PhD. In addition, she received Reiki training and certification from Reiki Master and founding president of Alva Center for Holistic Healing, Sarjoni Alva Changkakoti.

~ Studied Kundalini Yoga with the venerable Yogi Bhajan

~ Psychometry, and Clairvoyance vs Telepathy courses with the Honorable Rev. B. Anne Gehman, and

~ Mediumship studies with Dianne Nogorka, at The National Spiritual Science Center

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  • Thanks for being my friend :-)

    Love & Light*

  • Thank you for inviting me to be your friend. I look forward to interacting with you on this site. Have a blessed day.

  • Love and Light energies sent in love and friendship as we acknowledge work to do and the elimination fear. Thank you for your gift of friendship, I know there is much we will care and share in the direction of the heartlight.  

    Love and Light,


  • Hi Angel,I have added you as a friend.I really enjoyed reading ur page.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7t60tJf-4E&feature=related


    this is  me  san , id like to share  the vision ive been having

  • Thank you, sister...so good to hear from you...send you sunshine from my heart and the island in Thailand...8114186092?profile=original

  • 8114040260?profile=original8114080057?profile=original8114002095?profile=original8114001699?profile=originalStay blessed Angel Xyra!

  • That is a beautiful picture, thanks Angel Xyra.

  • Thank you so much Angel Xyra for your offer of friendship.  I have added you.

  • Thanks for the add,Love and light :)

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Angel Xyra left a comment for noor
"Thanks so much!  It is a privilege making contact! "
May 17, 2012
Angel Xyra left a comment for sans message
"Thank you for sharing.  I am now listening to your video. I believe you."
May 16, 2012
Angel Xyra left a comment for Golden light
"In LOVE + LIGHT ~|~It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!
May 16, 2012
Angel Xyra posted a blog post
In contacting Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, the following is a principal methodology and philosophy I apply:First, relax, and calm yourself to be in a meditative state, and have no attachment to the outcome. Say, "I am surrounded by a circle of…
May 15, 2012

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This is not our fault. When only two pple find…"
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