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  • Dear Amina,

    It's absolutely a pleasure to contact you in regards to networking with other lightworkers around the globe.  I have just recently realized that I am of the blue ray, and I would love to hear more about other lightworkers, and about what everyone is working on spiritually.  I have been channeling information the past year, and I am working on some ideas on creating SOULOLOGY.   I would love to start networking with other lightworkers from all over the world.  I am still working on my website, should finish it in a month or so, everyoen is welcome to take a look at my preliminary website in order to understand my ideas on creating a world of peace on the Global Movement of spirituality through Soulology.  I would like to start networking with all the lightworkers all over the world, in order to start working together.  I feel like my soul mission is about to begin, but we need to unite with everyone and start connecting and create global projects.  I never thought I was going to have a spiritual awakening in the last 3 years, and  that in the last year I would start writing ideas about creating Soulology.  I am still very new at everything, and would love to start networking with others that are already currently working on their soul mission.  It's time to start networking with others, and there is so much to learn, and also it would be great to start meeting our soul family and start working on our soul missions.  Have a wonderful weekend, and hope to hear from you soon.




  • Hello there, Beautiful Amina. How are you?


  • Thanks for including me among your friends. I am from India.

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  • nice to meet you Amina :o)) your profile is very interesting, genetics interests me too, along with metaphysics and the field of science that Nikola Tesla was interested in. I am a blueray Starseed and both St. Germaine and Kuthumi are the two Ascended Masters that influenced me most also. Have a great weekend :o)) Greetings from Germany, Thomas

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  • Greetings Beautiful Athima! ~ :-) Thanks for accepting my friend request :)

    Exstacy.gifHave a wonderful weekend! :-)  <3 

  • Thank you for the kind comment. May abundant love and many blessings flow you way.
  • Hello Athima, thanks for getting in touch and for your kind words. It's lovely to see that you work with Soltec - he is an aspect of my higher self and I've chosen his name as mine as a channel, in honour of this. Thanks for finding me!
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Rydal, Västra Götaland


October 13



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I have a Sirian-Egyptian-Pleadian-Alpha-Centaurian energy lineage. I've have been serving as a research scientist working upon various projects in concert with Cmdr. Soltek and the Starship Phoenix. My field is solar biogenics and the ramifications of genetic mutation and transmigration as Humanoids past between and through population one density systems and graduate into population two and three density systems (like Earth is now in process of doing).

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

SaLuSa ~ Ascended Masters Saint Germaine and Kuthumi ~ Higher Self

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