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  • Thank you my brother,

    Sometimes it's words,,today it was the picture you posted that lifted my soul..

  • Dear brother Alin Bogdan.
    Thank you for loving words to me, and for enlightening me with the news about my star-name. I chosed Soli a long time ago, it just came to me. Looked it up, saw it was something with being alone. That it was I fel like at that time. Now, I am happy here, but feel that among people in my daily life ,I am alone with what I stand up for, do and believe in. Trinsia is given to me from the Universe. means: "The one who is tracking the ships", (not ships in the ocean!!!) One og my Earthnames is Maritza, not common here. Somebody told me it is used in much Romania.l
    Soli, messengers in plural: Feels so right, I am a split oo, living in more than one reality.
    That is my truth. That`s why I am here in AC, we respect other peoples believes and experiences,
    Your work with the forests is not only "interesting". You are making a big contribution to Mother Earth. You are a wonderful person. Yes, the Sirians are happy and joyful. The dolphins in the oceans are our sisters and brothers from Sirius. I believe you are fom starborn from Sirius, and you sense it too, it feels right, my Sirian brother!,
    Just ask, if you have any thing on your mind.
    I just thought you shoould read this. Search google for: "wake-up call from the redwood trees." When I read that 6 years ago I understood that also trees are living, intelligent creatures. Love to hear more about your job/mission here.
    Love, Light and Harmoni.
    Soli Trinsia
  • Iti multumesc pentru intelegere, voi scrie in engleza si ma voi stradui sa nu gresesc.IUBIREA SI LUMINA sa iti calauzeasca pasii pe drumul pe care l ai ales. teo
  • buna, sunt Teodora, imi pare bine de cunostinta. Sper sa putem vorbim si sa fim impreuna in lumina iubirii. Aum te las , nu stiu daca voi mai vorbi cu tine in romaneste... cu engleza stau destul de iubire teo
  • Dear brother Alin Bogdan.
    I welcome you with all my heart, to this wonderful spiritual family of brothers and sisters, here in Ashtar Command Crew.
    I hope you will enjoy yourself here by learning, teaching, sharing thoughts and experiences, or just having a good time. Your profile is interesting to read.
    Love and Light
    Soli Trinsia of Sirius
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Brasov, Romania


July 11

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Economist, founder member of Romanian Private Forest Association, Secretary General with Romanian Agriculturer Federation, father, writer, husband...more on:

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Nassim Haramein, dr. Steven Greer, Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows and others

Alin Bogdan BUZESCU commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Feeling Things Is a Human Right, By Ben-Arion
"Cool! Well done! Thank you and biiiig hug!"
Jun 7, 2010
Alin Bogdan BUZESCU commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Transmissions From The Pleiades - The Ra Channelings
May 5, 2010
Alin Bogdan BUZESCU commented on Ben-Arion's blog post Transmissions From The Pleiades - The Ra Channelings
May 5, 2010
Alin Bogdan BUZESCU left a comment for Soli Trinsia of Sirius
"Dear Soli,

Do you know that SOL in romanian language means MESSINGER? And SOLI means MESSINGERS?

Your profile is much more interesting. I am very glad to meet you. Mike Quinsey and Sheldon Nidle are my theachers right now. And others of course!…"
Apr 13, 2010

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Marker, I understand where you're coming from...the point here is that there are endless things that can compromise people's energy fields and impact body health...trauma, depression, terror, alcohol, drugs, EMFs, misaligned vibrations…"
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"We won't ascend if we accept nontruths. Re: Energy field holes: Source? Shouldn't be hard for you to prove since it's indisputable."
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"If a persons energy field has a hole and the color turns gray like a drug addict, that is relevant to healing. This is indisputable."
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"Thank You Joanna."
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"My comment was about the effect on the aura and toroidal energy field. I think that is relevant"
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