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February 10

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I am a 42yr old woman, a mother to two sons, the youngest of which just turned 21 yrs old, and he is in very real danger. I feel that he has a great mission here on Earth, and that I am supposed to assist him in some important way but all I can seem to do is lose him, over and over again. He was nearly killed as a passenger in a car accident 5yrs ago; he survived a very serious traumatic brain injury, which left him in a deep coma for three weeks, and then off and on for another month, all the while he was waking up through drug-inducement, and although he is no longer able to walk or to talk verbally, he has his consciousness in tact, and instead of being celebrated, and lifted up on high for all that his soul trevailed and conquered, he was shoved back down with disdain by the many teams of doctors who were looking over his recovery while in trauma units, in intensive care for four months, before being sent home in my care, on home hospice service, with a 6 month prognosis for life. That was in 2016. He has since graduated that hospice, as well as three others afterwards, all while living at home, in my care along with intermittent nursing, and a few close friends who came as much as they could to give us a hand. I feel that he and I have lived many other lifetimes togetrher, and we both have limited support people in this life, which has made our relationship all the more sacred. And now he has been kidnapped away from me, and from his home, and his dog, and everything he knows... AFTER already having suffered such trauma and bravely faced a very uncertain future with the grace of a saint, remembering how to smile, with just one half of his mouth, due to nerve damage he incurred while still in intensive care, during a 12 hour jaw reconstruction surgery. It took him almost seven months after returning home to remember how to smile. I seek to help him, and to gain the knowledge and assistance from any here or anywhere else who might shed some light on how I can accomplish this... but I also would be more than joyful to give my help in any way I can to further the work of all who walk in the light.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Jesus Christ; Mother Mary; HolySpirit; St Germain; Buddha; Osho; Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Michael, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carey, My higher self, my loved ones, many in number passed on, my young, old son Andrew Michael....GodProtecthim.

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Aug 29, 2021

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"Of course and as ever, the absurd European Union want to appear to be militarily "powerful" outside of the NATO structure, with their own version, named PESCO.....lol🤭
It sounds more like a supermarket chain, than a serious defense alliance...🤣 And…"
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"Yes, NATO is a tool for western imperialism and I consider it to be more a liability, than defense...Note how two new members are now keen on joining it...?? Finland and Sweden...
Much is driven by a fear of Russia....And Russia is fearful of NATO…"
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"I discovered him about a month ago, Imran Khan should have been on his show because of the coup d'etat in Pakistan, he is now online and on most platforms, I like his anti-imperialistic and anti-NATO (anti-cabal for me) view"
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"Yeh I used to watch him on the Iranian outlet, "Press TV" and also he appeared on RT, before it too was blocked in the UK...He is a lefty, but of the non-woke type, so a man of principles and a passion for equality and fairness, in the traditional…"
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"very informative Drekx,
I'm listening to George Galloway's (the old socialist ;)) weekly "The Mother of All Talkshows", I think he is based in London, he has about 1 Million listeners over the week, also very informative but only on eartly matters…"
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"The third Atlantean root sub-race, known as "Toltecs," where red-skinned giants...It was this particular Atlantean race that built cyclopean architecture, with great enthusiasm....Using sound harmonics to levitate 100-ton granite blocks into exact…"
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"People often get confused with who the Atlanteans were, but you could summarize their long pre-history, via their Earth-chain evolution, using the vehicle of root-race/sub-races....

"Atlantean root race were

the Rmoahal

the Tlavati (Cro-Magnons)…"
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