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  • hi adri...waves


  • hi master my name is gangadhar(tinku) iam an indian iam a member in pyramid spiritual societies. this is "anapansathi" meditation ,this is very developing all over world for more information visit the site ok. this is 100 percent free. this is emergency period many changes are started on the earth for 2012 devine plan compulsory do meditation regularly and avoid non veg ok. for 2012 ok .pass on to others
  • "Happy Birthday!"
  • Heart felt wishes for you on your Body's Birthday from the entire crew :: ))(( ::
  • Oh those blue eyes, o-my, stop it, i cant take it anymore :)
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Kaukauna, WI


August 28

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I Am a lightworker/wayshower. We're all fallen angels with a mission and purpose here. On the ascension path with wonder and gratitude, I've remembered my wings and dusted them off and someday I'll truly fly. Just by being me and speaking the Truth I gather more vibrations to the light. There are always aspirations for more but this has been quite the ride and I'm trying to take it as it comes. Namaste.

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Nov 2, 2020
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Dec 21, 2009
AdriBellaInspired replied to akashic reader's discussion Would you like to know your soulgroup?
"Anything that may help is greatly appreciated, thank you :)

Tanya Lou Greene
August 28, 1982 @ 11:09am
Neenah, Wisconsin, USA

Dec 2, 2009
AdriBellaInspired commented on Brad Johnson's video
"Thank you for sharing. I've been asking about my name and I think I'm onto it but am not ready to say it's been revealed to me yet.

You got my confirmation for around 4pm CST today. Huge things are happening and about to happen too."
Aug 15, 2009

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"Fair enough Roaring...You have your list of do's and don'ts...We all do....I must suggest to you though, that "dark" does not mean simply means hidden or unknown, in the shade...For example, we call the dark cabal that, because, like a…"
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