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Hi, I want to meet a lot of new people who share some knowledge with me :) please let your msn id or email for me thanks :D I want to know as much as possible and I'm very happy that I found this webpage

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I learned from books and by my experiences because i pay a lot of attention for things what happen I would like to have an ascended master who would teach me, if you coould help me to get one, shout me :)

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  • thank you add Pictures, Images and Photos

    Love and light
  • just saying hello and sharing a movie that you may place in your toolbox for when you talk to others about a plant based diet...although there's always free will..it is logical to assume that as one becomes enlightened..one ceases to consume decomposing flesh..namaste!! check out the movie earthlings
  • I notice your interest in The Ascended Masters. They have informed me that They consider my website to be their website, which indicates Their confidence in the veracity of the information in there. There's a lot to be learned from it if you are interested (www.kuthumi-hands.com). Kuthumi sends Love into your beingness, jim
    Kuthumi Hands
  • Hi Adam, Iam here in Tennessee, USA. Nice to meet you!
  • I think it's very cool how your intuition gave you the word Ashtar to find this site. I've been a vegetarian for 37 years and moving towards vegan as I discovered that cheese was causing me migraine headaches for many years. If you want to come under the guidance of an ascended master you must let your heart guide you and not be concerned about the powers. You attract a master to you by the love and light you give to the world.
    Love and Light,
  • Hi Adam, wish u a merry weekend!
    Love & Joy,

  • Love and Blessings my friend :) ~ Happy to see U have read Celestine Prophecy...my favorite Book!!! I AM all for Creating Heaven on EARTH!

  • hi Adam..thanx for adding me...im vegetarian and raw food eater too..(but not completely)...lol...i hope u find lots of interesting stuff here... for raw food advise and green recipes and diet i hang out to the "Living transformation' ning site...
    check it out if u like... take care for now... :)

    the way u found the Ashtar site is very interesting... :)
  • Hello Adam,
    I am very glad to meet your acquaintance, and be your Friend! I am a vegetarian like yourself. I do still like the taste of cheese, but I am careful to look for vegetarian cheese that does not contain rennet (or stremsil as it is called in Holland). So many people have been brainwashed into believing they must eat meat to be healthy.....when in reality our bodies and intestines are designed to metabolize vegetables and fruit! The eating of meat from slaughtered animals LOWERS ones vibrational rate.
    Love and Light,
  • glad to be here n meet u adam...
    love n light
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Adam commented on Cmdr Ashtar Estellar SherAn's photo
"the all seeing eye :)
where did you take this picture?"
Apr 26, 2011
Adam replied to Adam's discussion future predictions about 2011
"yeah I agree with u"
Jun 18, 2010
Adam posted a discussion
a romanian woman said:after 2010 problems occur about the ocean currentsand she saw a devastating winter over europe also in 2011
Jun 12, 2010
Adam left a comment for Glorifindel
"tetszenek a szinek a profilodon :)"
May 24, 2010

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"Again you have furthered my understanding greatly...thank you Drekx and your amazing Sirian contacts for their service to our nascent, fledgling Star Nation."
49 minutes ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Violet Eyes...? - It's A Bit Shocking, But Interesting
"The sun had a type of "heart attack" in 1972....The first since the "fall" to limited consciousness, on Earth, one half a precessional cycle ago..
The sun is actually the heart centre, for the great being that ensouls this Solarian system....Lord…"
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The CCP and the PLA getting ready for war on their own people first then an invasion of the UShttps://www.brighteon.com/b2d9894c-6a00-4969-a753-7383a4c1b2a5
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"Amazing contact Drekx. I have not heard of any similar experience in the contactee field. So much to explore here. But I did have a couple of questions.

I was curious, you said Sandara had to attend to an emergency regarding solar guardianship. How…"
4 hours ago
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I wasn’t going to do a long post today but there I was, unable to stem the flow. What I DO want to share is the update Gene Decode did with Nicholas Veniamin. Nick let Gene run with it and he did a marathon; non-stop review and updates for one hour…
10 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Well it's there ..now you see it now you don't ..imagine the speed like or faster then lightening ..zizzing in the sky @https://youtu.be/yvXIY2v-KBY
18 hours ago
Drekx Omega replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Worlds Largest Telescope Ready To Stare Straight Into The Sun
"☀️Well, maybe it's too much to expect from them, but it would be great if they could see some evidence, that the sun is a living organ and beating heart, for our solar system...."
18 hours ago