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Answer to "Universe Mom COPYRIGHTprotection"

I'm sorry I'll have to answer in a blog-post, but the biatch in question won't allow free speech on her own blogs whereas the only way to even have a conversation with it, is for me to make a whole NEW blog-post (ACC thanks me for filling up their memory-space and make it MORE expensive for them to use their site all in all, I'm sure .. Or perhaps they'll simply hate "Universe Mom" for making it nescessary in the first place... The Site-op and mods may have something to say about that before I'll be forced to draw my own conclusions though... ;)


@Universe Mom COPYRIGHTprotection, I didn't COPY anything. All the pictures that your blog consisted of, were links to Your picture-posts in My blog. I didn't COPY your blog. I LINKED it, but just as RIAA, you went on the offensive immediately and BEFORE you had investigated the REALITY of the so called "copy".

All you had to do to make My blog invalid, was to remove your own, or re-post your pictures. Had you done that, all the links in my so called "copy" would have been invalidated immediately and the "blog" itself would have made no sense whatsoever.

From one thing to another:

If you have Copyright Protection, I'm sure you also have an ISBN-number to provide us with, in order to VERIFY your Copyright claim.
Copyright is a Legal Term. Since when did you make Yours legally binding, and for EVERTHING you post Here? ;)

You and The Corporate America have so many things in common, that I am unable to see where You begin and Corporate America ends.

I get it. You want to control the flow of information around you.

But, why would anyone want to do that, really?

One would think, that if a person is kind enough, generous enough and also wise enough; the need for that person to control the information surrounding them would be minimal...

Just a thought...

Discussion derived from replies at (where My replies are censored but where the replies To them are NOT):

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