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  • Blessings and Namaste seek and ye shall find the truth is in your heart dear one

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Palmerston North


May 20

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At the moment Im interested in the psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects of human and animal healing. Im big on the very depth of it all, and how it relates on the whole as one. Want to help evolution, bringing being back into life.

10eel posted a video
Spirit Science full episodes 1 - 15 Watch and enjoy! This video series was done by jordanduchnycz, atlantis king & friends. please check out their yt channel... IT IS FRIGGIN AWESOME! XD
Nov 2, 2020
10eel replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Free e-book...Adventures In The Hollow Earth...A Guide To The Inner Earth.
"Thank you!

If anyones read "Agartha" by Mariana Stjerna  advertised on the right, be good to hear what its like :)"
Mar 4, 2013
10eel left a comment on The Hollow Earth
"has anyone read 'Agartha" by Mariana Stjerna? "
Jan 14, 2013
10eel replied to ChaoticDragon16's discussion I had big, strange, deep dream with Ben-Arion Involved...
"Yay! that's so awesome man :)"
Jan 6, 2013

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Topic: Just Like in The Matrix - Free Your Mind'  ANCIENT AWAKENINGS Sunday Call  5/9/2021    (St. Germain, OWS, Shoshanna)James & JoAnna McConnell  FREE YOUR MIND  ST Germain  and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnellShoshanna (Joanna’s…
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"Helen, this is a lovely post and just as I feel. We have to embody all things of earth and sky! to get by in this difficult time. I have a cupboard full of 'magic' tricks including homeopathy and am pretty good at self healing. Thank you for this."
6 hours ago
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7 hours ago
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"To create a better future for humanity one needs to visualize a positive future for all of humanity first of all one needs the protection of archangels, ascended masters, or it could be any of mother's nature spirits. Always use protection whenever…"
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"There is no such thing as unbiased site. Main Stream Media is 100% propaganda. only intuition and discernment are capable of knowing truth"
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