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Judy Satori from TheSoundOfLight.com who speaks the light language has released a book she wrote during telepathic transmissions from beings of light  and I wanted to share..

“This is a story of human evolution. It is also a story of love.
Do not be afraid. You were once the same as us, and the stars
were once your home. We are soon to come in great numbers to the
Earth, to walk among the people of the Earth, and you must have no
fear, for we come in peace. We are of love. We were created as you
were in the image of God, the Father/Mother Creator-of-All. We are
united in oneness with you. We tell you this story to prepare all the
people of the Earth, so that when we come you will understand, and
you will be ready.”

From the prologue you can read for free from the website www.thesoundoflight.com

The books only $22 US, $27ish NZ Dollars and If anyone gets it and wants to share your thoughts go hard, I gotta wait   till August to be able to get it and am keen to get my read on and hear all about it lol.

Enjoy :)8108797692?profile=original

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