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Everything is One Consciousness of pure bliss and love.

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http://bashar.org/ + myself.

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  • Thanks for the friend request. I look forward to learning more about you. Until then, may you be filled with love and light. :)

  • Would love to be your friend. Sweet blessings.
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Aug 20, 2009
replied to Ben-Arion's discussion Sweden
"Hejsan. Jag Heter Johan, bor i växjö =)"
May 9, 2009
left a comment for Jenni
"Thanks to you too ;]

may the love, peace & light be with you."
Apr 24, 2009

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"Amazon employees could soon walk off their jobs I don't think they'll like this like in the 70s a lot of manufacturing jobs went overseas. People protesting against these companies' harsh conditions and poor wages were often met with violence we…"
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"Doctors who examine people's body's say they are finding blood clots after the victims has been vaccinated and I have seen the videos showing long and short strands of small to large blood clots in the veins inside their bodies and they said they…"
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"Billions of human beings will be unable to conceive children and die, as a result of the mass covid vaccination programs of 2021-22....And still, several wicked authorities, promote boosters....This is truly resembling a science fiction movie....At…"
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