Hemp Seeds: A vegan/vegetarian's best bet for protein?


On the topic of nutrition and taking care of the physical vessel one can find all sorts of advice. Each person finds what resonates for them, and this post is aimed at those vegans/vegetarians (or those considering switching to such a diet) who are wondering what might be their best source of protein.

Vegans and vegetarians have available to them various sources of protein that include grains like Quinoa and Nutritional Yeast, both complete proteins. Of course there are also various nuts, seeds, and legumes available as well, like peanuts, sunflower seeds, and pistachios.
The website Veganhealth.org has a section on protein sources for vegans, however it doesn't discuss the amazing nutritional profile of hemp seeds at all. What I find incredible about hemp seeds is their friendlinessbalance and protein density.

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  • Not necessary....

    most Indians (from India) are vegetarian, and we derive our protein from all kinds of pulses and lentils. We have a liquid "dal"  preparation which is totally yummmmy........ :))) and is totally a vegan alternative.

    Try it... dont have to go looking for hemp seeds.

    with intent,
    much love, light and laughter,

    • Thank you for that reminder Asavari! Yes, I love lentils too! :-)

      love, light and laughter back your way. :-)


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