New and wondering..

Hi all! :)I am very new to this site this is my first day on and I am just wondering if anybody can help me to discover how I find out what my star origin is.. many thanks :)GypsyGirl XoXo

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  • All good then no problems..enjoy the rest of your day and the site..positive energies always,no floating too far away nighteyes come back and settle on a branch or something and be a watcher..:)

    • that was lovely.  thank you.  i'm doing my best to stay somewhat grounded, but it sure would be a lot easier if there weren't so many 3D "rules."  ya know?  take care my friend.  in lak'ech

  • I like your celtic oracle name! Its beautiful!! I have read many books that have alot to do with celtic history, oracles and fairies etc I love it!! Thanx for clearing up the confusin! I didnt want to ignore a message and seem rude if it was directed at me! All good :D
  • Well you could start by the obvious... checking out and reading the discussions in this Group first and see if anything resonates with you,and take it from there..:)

    • hey you.  what's up with the avatar metamorphosis?  is there a story that goes with it?

    • was this message for me or for Vlada Sui Generis? hahaha im sorry still on the learning road of using this site and not sure who that was directed too :)

    • I think the comment is directed at me personally GypsyGirl as I was using another username before and now I have reverted to the same one I use on all the other spiritual sites I'm on, the reason being I came here looking for a particular person and now that person has obviously left the site,I wasn't sure if the site was my kind of thing to start with nor how long I needed to be here,I know how it is when you get used to one image and name,I also have a photographic memory so can relate and all of sudden its changed and your like who is this person on my friendlist it can be confusing, I do apologise for that I should have notified those on my friendlist of the wasn't to upset anyone,I'm a very creative person also... I also have other user names my Celtic Morrigan Raven namesake is Rayvhenwing given to me by a Raven oracle  Rayvhen Syn, my Native Indian spirit name I havnt ever divulged as its sacred to myself when it was given to me..I also have a cosmic site user name that being Enercia Sui Generis which means [ Unusual energy] but its too long so I shortend it.. hope that sorts out your confusion nighteyes..:)

    • indeed.  it's nice that you decided to stick around my friend.  as far as sorting out my confusion, i think that would be a rather large undertaking.  lol  i've been feeling like i'm floating away a lot here recently, so i generally operate in a fog.  but thanks for the explain. 

  • hey sweetie. you may want to check out some of the older posts. a number of people have come here seeking answers. lefevre has posted a number of discussions about detailed characteristics of each star system. and then there are the travelers/wanderers that carry a little of many homes. good luck in your search.
    • thank you very much! I shal do more research and see what I can find! cheers for your help! :D

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