To always be the messenger and yet forever get attacked for doing so,always misunderstood these are somethings I have to accept as part of my mission to make change of this mindset to assist others and part of my day job.. so to open this discussion, here are the basic definitions of which this article will be speaking for a better understanding: 




Lightworkers: those who soothe the soul, inspire the masses, heal the mind and/or body, and teach seekers the ways of truth and light. Lightworkers do their functions both in public and private, and are those beautiful souls that are sought when there is another in need. Their methods are mostly gentle, nurturing, encouraging, empowering, or enabling in nature. The lightworker sees the beauty in all things, all the time. 

Lightwarriors: those who make known all sides of any given issue or topic. Those who defend and fight for light and truth, either in the earth or astral realms. Those who restore, fight for, and keep balance in all things. Lightwarriors can and often do those things that lightworkers do as well, but most often in a closed and one-on-one setting, and methods used may differ than those of most light workers. The lightwarrior methods may include the diplomatic but direct approach, bluntly honest in nature, but offering encouragement and support where needed and warranted. The lightwarrior approach may range from gentle and nurturing to a more intense, empowering "tough love" approach. Lightwarriors are aware of both sides of the coin, and defends the light by making all sides of an issue known, no matter how unpleasant or controversial. 

Everyone in the new age/spiritual scene is familiar with what a lightworker is. What is unknown though, is the "hidden" lightworker that you may have seen them from time to time. They are the lurkers that sit in rooms, or various forums, and it seems the only time they speak up is when something controversial comes to the surface. Seeming cold, logical, and often times seeming negative, they are often misunderstood and disliked among the lightworker community. 

Welcome to the world of the lightwarrior. 

The lightwarrior is silent, watches the flow of things around them. The lightwarrior is a staunch defender of the light and of truth (in all its various forms). The lightwarrior respects all paths and beliefs, but is quick to jump to the forefront of things if there is something important to be said. Often times the message the lightwarrior brings is against the grain, against the fabric of what most lightworkers believe or hold. 

Lightwarriors restore balance. 

Lightworkers and lightwarriors are two sides of the same coin, but many times end up warring with one another. Both breeds have a shortsightedness to them, and each needs the other to bring forth a complete, balanced whole. Lightworkers, in all their beauty, tend to be blindsighted by such, often oblivious to, or totally denying the existance of darkness, polarities, and those things which fight against that which they uphold. Lightwarriors tend to be intense, often appearing to lack love and compassion, and speak from the viewpoint of blatant honesty, no matter how blunt or controversial. The lightworker needs the lightwarrior to bring to light those things which could block or hinder their growth or path. The lightwarrior needs the lightworker to see the beauty in all things, to soften and loosen up, and to let the love within them come to the surface. Therefore, lightworkers and lightwarriors are balancing factors for one another-- they need each other.

Lightwarriors are defenders. 

Lightwarriors defend light, fight evil, and make known those obstacles which could block the progress of spiritual seekers. With this in mind, this brings forth the different types of lightwarrior: 

The astral defender: 

In the astral realms, it is the lightwarriors who are unseen as they go into battle against those dark forces who attack innocent souls both on the physical realm and in the astral realm. In gatherings of lightworkers where a psychic vampire is present and seeking a target, it is the lightwarrior that confronts the attacker and defends those that have been targeted. 

The defender of truth: 

Mentioned above, it is this type of lightwarrior that tends to draw the most fire. The defender of truth knows that truth itself is highly subjective, each having its own meaning to those experiencing it. What is truth for one person might not be truth to another. The highly subjective nature of truth, and the infinite ideas that truth represents, provide a unique challenge to the lightwarrior. The lightwarrior speaks ideas to the masses whenever he/she sees an area of concern that needs addressed. The lightwarrior knows that not all lightworkers have the same level of discernment, and is aware that with the subjective nature of truth-- his/her ideas may not resonate with all, and is therefore left open to attack by those of whom his/her words may not resonate. The defender of truth's style of speaking may vary from lightwarrior to lightwarrior, but often times it is the bold and upfront approach taken by some that tend to inspire one group of lightworkers, while drawing reproach from others. Many times those in support of the lightwarrior will voice their words in private, while those against the lightwarrior will voice their opinions publicly. This tends to give the appearance that the lightwarrior is speaking to an empty room, and sometimes leaves their credibility in question. This is a risk the lightwarrior is aware of, and is willing to take in the name of the greater good. 

Sometimes, there are some perfectly balanced lightworkers who are a perfect balance between the lightworker and lightwarrior, carrying within them traits of both. These are rare, and can serve as examples for lightworker and lightwarrior alike. These beautiful souls are balance in its purest form, representing a goal of which all should strive. 

[Note: The above article was taken originally from A Spiritual Files Archive with the understanding that "There are no blanket copyrights on this web site because [the webmaster believes] the information on A Spiritual Files Archive can, and should, be spread freely, by any who wish to do so,as long as information provided is not altered in anyway" Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. ]


So the next time you find yourself in a confrontation with someone with a differing opinion, whether it is on the internet in a blog,a forum, a chatroom, or in a real life situation, take a minute to think before speaking. Is this person worthy of your attack?  Did you read fully their words,absorb and understand them or their point of view properly,what were they offering you in their words...

Their idea's may not resonate with yours,they are an individual after all with different thought processes or they may be a bit too blunt or arrogant for your taste they are like this for a reason after all you may learn something from them. Take a minute to absorb what this person says, as sometimes they carry a warning that could save you time and trouble down the line. Lightwarriors have no less love than lightworkers, they just express it in different ways.

Keep this in mind before you manifest false perceptions and assumptions and pass judgment of them!!.





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  • wow.  wonderful article.  sometimes it's difficult to discern whether i'm a primarily a light worker or a light warrior.  i often feel that it takes a bit of both. . . especially since the solstice (and i don't know why that time seemed to mark a change for me).  it is easy to determine which of my work is "lightworker" inspired.  it is usually done quietly and may only be recognized by a few people close to the situation.  but as a result of helping others, there have frequently been times when i had to become much more vocal and blunt.  but as the mayan calendar came to a close, i noticed that i began to turn more inward.  outward battles have become exhausting, so i no longer seek people that need my help.  if they come to me, i do not turn them away, but i somehow feel it is time to get my own house in order.

    i am having difficulty staying focused on anything long enough to begin an outside project due to all the clutter in my life.  so, i have begun to work on a house that is falling down around my ears and to get years of financial neglect under control.  once i get those off my plate, i may have the energy to turn outward again.


    are there any other lightworkers or warriors that have experienced the pull to turn inward lately as well?

  • Yeah Met David Bowie personally one on one a few years back in Dallas Texas,and yeah he's a true Starseed indeed,your not telling me anything I don't already know with Dolores Cannon either,and what's with the sudden name change Eve don't want to be associated with what you were doing to me when I addressed you personally about it on the other post possibly!!,..

    Dolores Cannon

    The First Wave: Now in their late 40s to early 60s , these volunteers are disturbed by the violence, anger and hate that they experience on Earth. They have had the hardest time adjusting to life as humans, and many of them try to commit suicide.

    That means they were born in the late 50's to mid 1960's just like I said - which is  Generation One (Alpha): Born between 1958-1968. Born with blue-green-violet overlays, camouflaged with tans. Saturn’s Return/Awakening years for this generation were 1986-1996. (Age 28 for each year.) This generation is now in their Post Awakening years, and is in the process of rediscovering and recovering their Gifts. Some are currently transiting into their Octarine phase.

    Dolores Cannon

    The Second Wave: Now in their late 20s and 30s, these volunteers are more comfortable in bodies and are said to be beacons or channels of energy who can affect others just by being near them. Their mission of just sharing their energy with others means they don’t have to do anything but just be.

    Which is - Generation Two (Beta): Born between 1968-1978: This generation also came in with the blue-green-violet overlay, but without the tan camouflage. The Saturn’s Return/Awakening years for this generation were 1996-2006. This generation is also Post-Awakening.

    Dolores Cannon

    The Third Wave: The new children, many of whom are now teenagers, have all the knowledge needed to exist on the planet after the dimensional shift and transformation takes place. Their DNA is more advanced, and the greatest challenge they face is being misunderstood by humans as having a condition (ADHD) that needs to be medicated.

    Which is - Generation Three (Gamma): Born between 1978-1988: Here is the first generation of minimally overlaid Indigos. If they have an overlay at all, it is generally violet, with some appearances of Crystal/Octarine. This is where some of the earliest manifestations of apparent ADD and ADHD in Indigo children began. Saturn’s Return/Awakening for this generation will be from 2006-2016.

    But now you also have:

    Generation Four (Delta): 1988-1998: The first of the ‘pure’ Indigos with no color overlay at all- only the highly chameleonic Crystal/Octarine. These are the ‘wildest’ of the apparent ADD/ADHD group, and Guidance states that it is possible that it is the rapid-fire over stimulation by the public media of this time acting on the crystal overlay that is driving the Indigo child to distraction. Suggestions of the use of slower rhythms and deep, warm colors in their environment, rather than the use of drugs, may stop these ‘oscillations’ that make them ping off the walls, and give the Crystal/Octarine element in their overlays something to use for grounding. This will also soothe the Indigo child when he/she is overstimulated by the noisy, flashy environment. It will also make their transition into adolescence smoother- this group will have the hardest puberty, and, if not carefully monitored, the highest drug/alcohol and suicide rate of all the cohorts. For this group, Saturn’s Return/Awakening will be from 2016-2026.


    Generation Five (Omega): 1998-2008: According to my Guidance, this will be the last decade of pure Indigos, and the end of the major cohorts. They may have as many difficulties in acclimatizing themselves to the environment as the Delta generation, and depending upon the local conditions, may have an extremely difficult childhood.  Many of these Indigos will be born of earlier Indigos, and some will be reincarnations of Alpha and Beta generation Indigos who chose to leave early. Depending upon local conditions, this generation will experience its Saturn’s Return/Awakening from 2026-2036. Other elements may speed up or back off the time table. The number of people of the Indigo ray will drop off sharply during this generation. They will still be born, but not as many.  


    Photo - Property of  ©~Vlada Mikahl Schoon~ 

  • The Wayshowers or 'Hippy Children' as some may call them started in the early 60's not in the 40's for starters and that's a fact just get that clear,and they were the so called 'Hippy Children' of the 60's or the starters of the 'New Age Movement' you could say..before then it was all various religious indoctrination thought process's of power over the people and separation of the people in elitism and you would have been just a sheeple to it all in a simple layman way..

    The 'Wayshowers' of the 60's stopped people in their tracks and stood up for freedoms, made them all think about what they were doing and tried to form and change the new thought process's from ' War & Power Over the People' and control  to  'Peace not War' and have full soul free will and total freedom to just be...those born in the 40's wouldn't have had their DNA activated fully till the 60's at least anyway, when they would have been in their 20's age group, the beginning was when Martin Luther King started his radical movement of freedom of speech and equal rights for all back in 1963.

    And as for judgements put on them I don't believe their is any, just some may still not fully be awakened to the differences of the New Age movements format these days in this time space in the matrix and their third eye or chakra's may be closed and or inactive and need to be aware that their mission may have ended at that time space back then in their soul path and so they need to now embrace a new thought process possibly to reactivate their chakra's and DNA in this time space as its a new thought process that does this....and in closing...Glad you liked to use my Merkabah symbol Eve....and I'm also Mayan Blue Eagle Gemini born 1984 but I think you already knew that didn't you...



     Aka Dua



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