How do i know which star system im from ??

Can anyone tel me which star system im or if im from any ??

iv read alot of everyones forums and im very interested what everyone has to say !!

iv always since a child beleaved dat there was life in the cosmos

can anyone help your comments are much greatful.


peace light and love to all



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  • The definition of oneself as a Pleiadian or any other race is of limited understanding and of the linear mind. Viewed from beyond the veil,from the realm of no time/all time,all of ones physical incarnations and manifestations co exist in similtaneous expression. Why define oneself based on only a small facet of your total being? When you are in fact infinite.

    If you find yourself with a keen yearning to know of these things,if you are drawn to it, then it probably so,that you have aspects of your grander self involved in lives elsewhere. Vivid and vague dreams of other worlds and lives that your concious self finds familiar yet forgotten are hintings that there is more.

    If this is your first time here on earth and previously have had a multitude of lives on other planets then I suppose the definition may fit. If you have had a multitude of lives on other planets and a multitude of lives on earth,whats the label for that? A Wanderer? What if you have had only lives on earth and then go to another planet? Would one consider themself a starbeing if the situation were reversed? lol

    There is only a little bit of you in this body,often thinking that it is all of it.

    After a while it all makes no sense and one requires a bigger label.

    Your Higher self has the all knowledge of all your comings and goings. If you are what they call an old soul there will be a tremendous amount of memory of experience available, It is not always of benefit to us here to have all that knowing fully concious.
    • what a great post captain.  i have always considered myself a "mutt" because my being seems to have bits and pieces from all over the place.  i work with developmentally disabled individuals and have always been averse to labels - for them or for myself.  i am what i am and am fortunate enough to be able to connect to souls from many races.  so, although it would be nice to find one place that explains everything, i think it could also tend to be limiting.  i like the idea of being a universal soul and it sure sounds a lot nicer than "mutt."  lol

    • How about UM--Universal Mutt. I'm good with that. I'm such a wanderer, always going off to new places, if only across town for the day. This Autumn the Universe is sending me to Cumbria UK for a couple of years. Whooo-hoooo!

    • excellent idea star! that makes a pair! anyone out there for triplets? lol

    • Excellent response, Captain. Though I still feel drawn to Sirius B, LOL. )Maybe I just want to hang out there for a lifetime, with people who think and feel in similar ways to myself.) 

  • thanks for all this information, i had dreams of ufos sense my childhood and always feel like my parents weren't my real parents, is nice to here there is some one else out there with this feelings
  • I had a reading and was told that I have had so many incarnations on different planets and in different dimensions, that I cannot really claim, a planet of origin. When this is the case, they call you a "Universal" or "Universal Guide" This is what I was told:

    "You have lived on so many star systems and have transcended so much experience and karma, you are no longer bound by any one home Star signature. You are truly universal. Your incarnation on Earth is a physical manifestation and yet you are here to be a guide, to love unconditionally, and to help all human beings reach their true potential. Gather energy from the universe, and from the Earth below your feet, let balance lead you inwards through the portal of Love, and let the Ascended Masters work with you and through you from the higher dimensional planes. You are loved for all you have done to lower your vibration in order to be here on Earth at this great time of awakening"

    Hope that helps ♥
    • Wow, that really sheds some light on things, because i had connections and memories to several star systems, and couldn't figure out my home planet. I knew i had spent a lot of time in the Pleiades, Arcturus, and have a srtong pull towards the middle star in Orion's belt, and Sirius.

      It is possible that maybe I am a "Universal Guide", I will meditate on that for a while and see what I feel about it.

      Thank you!!

    • Rick,
      Thanks for your input. You confirm my thoughts when I first read a writing shown to me by a cousin sister - 'You are a Child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have the right to be here'.

      You see...I've never been able to find out - which galaxy or planet I'm from. Seems that I've been all over the place (that's what I've been told) and don't know where my origin is...except that our prime creator - God - has immense root within my being and that I totally belong there. It is very strange that nothing else seems feel more home to me...than with God.

      I also know that Planet Earth has attracted me so much...that I keep on coming back to do much more...and more...and now...I'm too tired and long to have some rest and peace.

      Blessings to all of you and know that it doesn't matter where you're from. You're are here Now and it's the 'Now' that matters.
  • Hello. =)
    Good question Ray.
    I have been wondering exactly the same question!
    There is some good advice there Eiskel. =) I have always had the good fortune of being a vivid dreamer, and being able to recall them. I always put it down to having a wonderful imagination as the dreams I have always had, since being a small child, have always been out of this world and full of images and instances that I don't quite understand, even now as an adult.
    At present I keep dreaming of mass hysteria, UFO's (not quite sure if they are of good ET intent, or bad?) and a great urge to collect up my loved ones, in a blue van (always a blue van) to get out of the rat runs that the government has created to contain the public. I say rat runs because in the dreams all of the roads are encased in blue coated metal caging tunnels. (like the stuff you find on parks, or basket ball courts) These dreams are always set on the coast. And the UFO's are sending out orange orbs of light into people's heads. The people seem to be stuck once the orbs are beamed to them. My ex partner also had very similar dreams, sometimes during the same nights that I had mine.
    I have always, like both of you, believed that there is life other than on earth. And I have never really felt truly alone. This was more so as a child, where I used to explain, to invisible presences, what I was doing when playing etc. My mum says that sometimes at night she used to hear me talking in my sleep, having conversations, and replying back to myself in a totally different voice. Which used to freak her out.

    Peace, love and light.
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