The Balanced Breath from the Gabriel- Messages

Developing a place of silence within yourself, a peaceful center where you are aware of
the Presence of God, is the most important and useful gift you can give yourself in these
changing times.

The easiest way to become centered is to use the breath as a focusing
tool. Your breath is your connection to the Divine Source, so never belittle the
simplicity of breathing in a focused, conscious manner.

Many of the messages in this book contain Practices that refer to the balanced
breathe. Balanced breathing is simply breathing in for the same number of counts that
you breathe out.

If you can hold your breath for the same number of counts, between
breathing in and out, this will help increase the effectiveness. It is said that God lives in
this space between the breaths.

Choose a number that is easy for you, such as four or seven. Breathe in for four
counts, hold for four counts, exhale for four counts, and hold out for four counts. This
seems very simple, and yet you will find yourself becoming calm and peaceful as you do
this practice.

It is important to begin with an intention or a prayer to connect deeply
with God, and to have a conscious connection with your Higher Self. This sets energy in
motion so you will receive good results.

While you are sitting quietly and breathing, you can use your imagination to gain
awareness of Divine Love waiting to fill you up with the living life-force energy. As you
inhale, imagine that every cell in your being is filled with God's light, and is radiantly

Imagine, on your exhalation, that you are releasing everything within you that is
not in harmony with your greater good. Your imagination is the first step in creating
what you want in your life and is a very powerful tool.

If you would like to have a peaceful place to come to whenever you wish to be
centered, with your imagination you can create a garden, a beautiful room or a place in
nature for your special meditation space. With practice, you can come to this place in
your mind on your first breath and stay there until you feel more calm and relaxed.

It is also important to create a connection between Heaven and Earth, so that you can
bring back this new, centered awareness to your daily life. One way to accomplish this is
to imagine a huge pillar of golden light bringing God's love into your body and then
through you into the earth.

You can use this visualization whenever you start to feel offcenter
during the day. It will help to bring you back to that peaceful place you have
developed within you through the use of the balanced breath technique.

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