Our world consists of many different cultures.
Our history consists of different realizations and time-geists.

What if we can combine all these spaces of time?

Based on knowledge of morphic fields, and based on experiences  the #occupy movement has unleashed, based on rituals and forms of art created by ancient traditions and our modern world and at the same time connected to a universal network of knowledge-exchange we call the Internet, we know the dreams of all men and women on this planet have never been closer to each other. We feel and experience every day that the experience we call life, is transforming in every second. With every thought, movement, intention, and every dream. We want to take our responsibility in the power of art and the power of creation, by incorporating time and space in one momentum. We want to create a fusion of history and geography, within different spaces, all at the same time.

What would happen if the last dualities would vanish? What would happen if we reconcile the male and the female? What we would happen if we bring the inner to the outer and the outer to the inner? What would happen if we found an agreement between time and space? What would happen if we found the meeting point between all of history and all of the future?

What would happen then?

We believe that life is an ever-evolving entitiy that consists of all things alive. We believe that all things alive are capable of experiencing their inter-connectedness. We also believe that in order to find the way to evolution, we cannot ignore one part of our being. We have to incorporate all. Every single atom that is connected to our larger being.

It is January, 2012.

We would like to invite you
on a journey out of time.

This is Timeless Spaces.

We have been expecting you.
In ways to engage in this project, click here.

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