Exploding Moon

Yes it happened!


I dreamt that i was sitting on a bench with a girl i know from earlier times from school...

it was dawn and the moon started moving to the left out of his place, i asked her if she can see it too, and she did.

as we watched the moon going faster and faster becoming a trail and when he left the shadow ofthe earth it turned orange cracked and finally exploded..

i dont know why but then we started to kiss each other, maybe because out of helplessness or the thought we may die soon^^


thats the point when i woke up... i watched at the clock and it was about 6 am..

so i decided to sleep a little longer..


when i dreamed again, in my dream i remembered that the thing before was a dream...

the girl i was with was still in this dream and she dreamed the same thing...


when we were walking to a house of our friends, i heard a plane coming nearer but the sound getting lower, when i saw it in the sky it started spiraling and falling in our direction..

i took her hand and started to run... before the plane crashed like 20 metres away from us i threw us on the ground behind a little wall and the only thing i cared for was her not to be hurt..


next thing i remember is how we walked the stairs to the house of our friends,

somehow i knew i love that girl(in the dream), but i never told her and she was going to move to another city soon...

we started talking and she wasnt dumb telling me: when we want to be together you have to be honest to me, and i dont mean only tell me true things, i mean tell me everything how you feel and what you think...


so i told her that i love her and that i will care for her no matter what comes, that i will follow her to any city she will move in, than we kissed again and i woke up...



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  • I had a vivid dream once that the moon was being destroyed. It was either crashing into the Earth, exploding, or both simultaneously. It seemed to feel like the gravitational pull was ripping me to shreds as the moon moved closer to Earth. I remember looking up, knowing that we all were being shredded by gravity.

    After the dream, I felt the residual emotions for two days.

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