Egyptian Dream

I have no experience interpreting dreams. I was wondering if someone could help me with this dream. I've been having extreme weird dreams since 2011 started. Weirder the usual. Two nights ago I dreamed that I was somewhere in Asia and that I belonged there and now I last night I had a dream I was Egyptian. I never had dreams like these.I had a dream where there was a war taking place with us Egyptians against  either aliens or Spaniars, I can't recall which one was it. There were some lizzard type aliens. We were Egyptians . The setting was not of an Egyptian type but more like a forest type place with green plants and trees. We were being attacked by them. We were loosing and so my parents the king and queen hid me inside a small piramid/house kinda thing. I was a small baby, the Princess. We somehow won after our dead  warriors came to life? Or someone came to our rescue with more warriors. I can't recall what it was. We won and so our people gathered around the King and Queen to listen to what should be done next. I remember I was a baby in a bed. They fed me milk in a baby bottle. I started growing at an unnatural speed! I kept eatin n growing all the way to my present sizes and age (20yrs). Then I grew a beard lol which was weird because im a girl lol i was about to get up from my bed and the dream ends there..Thank you in advance for your time :)

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  • @Stargazing.  Fascinating dream!  There is a lot to be said here and I wonder if you could be tapping into your subconcious mind, perhaps having past life memories?  I would like to analyze your dream, but please can you first give me your birth date so I can connect accurately before making any assumptions?  Look forward to your response.  Much love and many blessings!



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