Testing infinite being, past lives - reincarnations.

Some believe that Infinite Being is the state of consciousness other - meditation. Who you really are is what some call an "Infinite Being".

We are told that we are infinite being, we are eternal and we moving from one life to another. It’s reincarnation. But if you have no personal experience, yourself feelings are hard believed.

What is infinite being? – Meditation or reincarnation.

What remains to us from past lives - Reincarnation?

We can not remember anything from past lives and everything to begin anew.
Many people, especially children, prefer to learn from your experience by trial and error. We are learning from the experience of previous generations.

Its need much to learn, a lot of know what to do so. But this is not enough. Its need apply you knowledge and correct bad habits. Its need much to work hard on themselves.
But this is not enough you must have the desire to do it - a strong desire or need support from above?

We have connection of subtle energies to the past lives. The negative emotions of past lives made energy blocks that impede the flow of subtle energies. Especially strong negative emotions of past lives may be appearing in the form of fears - phobias. For example, fear of confined spaces, darkness, sounds, objects, water or fire. Stronger negative emotions often arise from a violent death, accident or murder in a past life.

The negative emotions are in the subconscious. They not appeared up to the time when such conditions arise as in the past life. Through regression hypnosis, you can get this information.

Meditation is more simple way to release negative emotions of past lives from subconscious. But this method requires a longer application and experience. You may need additional source of subtle energy. Also you need to apply the technique of scattering of negative energy, including the negative energies from past lives.

These rules are set out in the Chinese system of Feng-shui. Disrupters (disintegrator) of the negative energy can be pyramids, temples, places of clean nature. Ancient sources draw attention to these rules.

Testing infinite being, past lives.

Sometimes we can find evidence of people who have had many reincarnations. In the books (out of the body) of Robert Monroe was presented many of his reincarnation. Maybe this is the path to knowledge "who are we?" or How many incarnations we have passed?

The science is built on such research methods that can reproduce, or have physical symptoms. What you got from your past incarnations is hidden in your subconscious. Regressive hypnosis techniques reveal the mostly negative emotions of past lives, past life experiences of dying.
Studies of people who have lost their memory have shown that in these cases are stored only the general skills and behavior.

The science does not recognize testimonials of psychics. Nevertheless, only psychics - few people - provide new data about reincarnation, chakras, fortune and karma. It’s known examples of the many psychics, as in our time, and in the past. Thanks to the Internet easier to find such data. But there is another problem. Many psychics have different opinions, different views. Perhaps the Internet will allow us to collect representations of different people on their reincarnation.

Testing infinite being. Own reincarnation experience.

My first experience of past life experiences occurred when I was 6 years old. But I remember very well. This was an unexpected fear. This fear arose when the bottom of our boat began to cling to the rocks and are created a sound of being hit by boat on the stones. The boat was moving along the narrow and shallow duct, which connects the two lakes.

This fear was so strong that I started to scream. My father tried to calm me down and explained to me that I can walk here it's shallow.

But my mind was divided. One part of me was screaming and could not understand the words of his father. My other part was watching all and was fixate everything. Consciousness, logic and understanding did not work.

Only after many years, studying reincarnation, I realized that the reason of fear was in the subconscious. It was memory about the latest sensations of past life - a sound of being hit by boat on the stones.

This division of consciousness into two roles - performing and watching occurred in the other experience of my life. But in that case I was completely calm and emotion lack of. One part of consciousness clearly fulfilled all the actions that were coordinated with the attackers’ actions of others. Another part impassively fixes everything in memory. The fear came later, when everything ended and it became clear that life was threatened.

Such actions were seen in the martial arts of the East, where the actions of opponents foresee and anticipating, emotions are absent. Everything is subject to a higher authority which can control everything and make correction.

Testing infinite being – How many incarnations you had.

At the beginning of my work, this question was interesting for me. I often asked my guide: what number of reincarnation that has been cleaned. It was one of the criteria for quantifying the influence of healers, and then to evaluate of my work or the effectiveness of the pyramids healing or compared the other methods of cleaning.

Initially, (first 1000) reincarnation was on the earth. Next reincarnation (after 1000) had been occurred already in other star systems. There were a lot of other star systems, plans, dimensions, and after 500 billion reincarnations, I stopped asking.

As I understand it is an eternity or infinite being. It is pointless to ask, because it was so long ago. I can not say that this is true for all others. Each of us has own experience, beliefs, history.

We can assume that most of reincarnation does not occur at the level of consciousness. Psychics can identify a greater number of reincarnations. These my friends (psychics) confirm reincarnations on other star systems, plans, dimension. In some cases, they received information about transporting, moving from distant places, so that reincarnation took place during the moving. The test reincarnation of my mother showed that during transporting, she had several incarnations. Thus, we were shown the way of transporting people (genetic information) inside the universe at long distance.

We are Infinite Being. What it means for you?

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