Diagnostics of Karma & subtle energy communication between generations.

Karma from parents, ancestors & communication of subtle energy of body.

What is karma from parents, ancestors or patrimonial karma?

This kind of karma is connected with genes where the information received from parents and ancestors is stored. Such information is contained by each cage of our organism. Genetics data have allowed establishing our communications with the most ancient people and even animals. Representing this communication, you understand, that the person this separate link in a patrimonial chain (communication subtle energy of parents - children) and in an evolution chain.

Before, it is necessary to understand, that the similar information on ancestors of the person contains not only in genes, but also in sub consciousness. Experiments of regressive hypnosis have given many proofs. That is our sub consciousness connects us invisible (subtle energy) communications with our far ancestors and is expressed not only, on a state of health, but also on destiny or karma. Such assumptions explain many known phenomena of sub consciousness.

How much far in time this communication remains? Whether there is a possibility to correct or change?

New researches have allowed checking up reliability of ancient representations about karma and have revealed communications of subtle energy between generations. For this purpose is necessary to carry out diagnostics of patrimonial communications of subtle energy and presence of energy blocks in these communications.

Many can do such test by method of radiesthesia (pendulum method). You ask a simple question on presence of energy block in patrimonial communications of subtle energy. As a result of the test the following picture resulted on fig., appears.

In the first case (test 17.05) have defined presence of blocks in subtle energy structure of parents. There is no communication of subtle energy with farther ancestors. Here does not matter, they are live or for a long time already have died. Here to restore these communications it is more difficult, than easier to carry out diagnostics, but also it is possible.

The second test (Test 09.06) is made after healing energy by means of a complex of pyramids Healing pyramids of Atlantis

The most simple way is prays about parents, to send love and a pardon to them, to do meditations. It is all for a long time it is applied in world religions. Often it helps, but not always. Then the additional help is necessary.

Modern researches show that for restoration of work of own chakras, it is necessary to restore subtle energy structures of the previous generations.

Transfer of hereditary signs, for example, Y - a chromosome differs from the test of communications of subtle energy.

How many relatives (DNA) the person has?

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