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  • dear Frenzy, oh no, that is not good to hear,when will it ever end?.

  • dear group members,my daughter showed me some images today that she had taken of the town where we both live,so i decided to obtain an image of the town to display as my profile pic,it is of the N.S.WALES border,i live within walking distance of the murray river from my place of abode.

  • Hello.. great to find other Aussies here :)


  • dear Frenzy,exactly,Ayers Rock is Gaias heart..

  •  uary 8, 2013, 11:41 AM

    Australia goes purple as temperature goes off the charts

    Australia's Bureau of Meteorology adds deep purple to its maps in response to off the charts heat

    Australia's Bureau of Meteorology adds deep purple to its maps in response to off the charts heat / Australian Bureau of Meteorology

    "Off the charts" is a phrase that gets thrown around liberally when it comes to temperature. But in the case of Australia's current heat wave and raging wildfires, temperatures are literally higher than the government's charts were designed to go. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has had to introduce a new color -- deep purple -- to account for the record-breaking heat.

    The bureau's interactive weather forecasting chart previously capped at 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit.) The model now goes all the way to 54 degrees (129 degrees F), higher than Australia's all-time record temperature of 50.7 degrees (123 degrees F) from 1960.

    "The scale has just been increased today and I would anticipate it is because the forecast coming from the bureau's model is showing temperatures in excess of 50 degrees," David Jones, head of the bureau's monitoring and prediction unit, told Australian newspaper The Age.

    The scorching heat over central Australia has yet to cross the 50 degree barrier, but Dr. Jones believes it is only a matter of time.

    "The air mass over the inland is still heating up -- it hasn't peaked," he told The Age.

    Monday saw the highest average temperatures ever recorded in the country at 104.59 degrees Fahrenheit. Six of the twenty hottest days ever recorded in Australia have been in 2013, with that number expected to rise.

    "The heat over central Australia is not going to go anywhere," Dr. Jones said.

    © 2013 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • dear Frenzy,good viewing,i have been spending alot of time on facebook these days,have many friends there,and i am involved with other groups there,blessings eve.

  • dear soul brother,i viewed it,it sure is awesome.

  • recently in Australia(Queensland) have had floods,and many have been evacuated from various areas,i have a couple of dear friends in Queensland,and just this morning,it was reported that Bunderberg in Queensland is the worst with the floods,i send out my prayers to peter and family.

  • Hi James,

    Welcome and happy 12-12-12 energies day of oneness awakening...James...I have just recently moved from victoria to queensland but my daughter lives at Teven nsw where i tend to go quite a bit...Teven is about half and hour from Lismore...maybe we can catch up some time...like minded brother and sister...love to all...blessings on this beautiful day....xoxox

  • We have a pulse here. YAY.

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