SOLSTICE INITIATION: For All World Light Servers

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Grand Initiation for the Planetary Light Servers

Solstice, December 21, 2010
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Planetary Gri...

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  • Yes...I know...when One is anticipating the great wave of energy to realize our heart's desire...the impact is 'tremendous'.

    I was so ready and energized since last week Tuesday...didn't know what to do with all those 'charged up energy'...I started baking and've a kitchen counter top filled with cookies, white fruit cakes, german christmas stollens...and now...I'm going to bake some more....the creativity working in my mind....creating more recipes's crazy!

    Would like to give some of my bakes to the 'firemen'.....just don't know how to approach them...or..if it's legal to do that or clue.

  • I reached this moment of achievement mentioned day's ago. My soul was appreciated. Its hard to share with words how powerful this moment was for me.
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"Roaring ;)) well it got you talking, you have been quite, and as you said: we could summarize QM with a single sentence 'everything is a dot' and close textbooks and go home!! But then this is applicable to everything, if we go with your rational…"
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Life Expectancy-3 years;
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"Large Businesses Already Planning Replacement of Vaccinated Employees"
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MASS HYPNOSIS: The disturbing psychology behind the global vaccine SUICIDE CULTMonday, June 14, 2021 by: Mike Adams Tags: ampus insanity, badhealth, badmedicine, brainwashed, indoctrination, insanity, left cult, mental health, obedience, obey,…
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"There are so many horrendously false claims those articles (linked by Ara) makes about QM and physics in general. It requires a booklet to correct all of them! I will fix a few glarring ones here:

He says that in QM, like in 'Chinese thought'…"
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"This is very funny! The links are written by pple who knows nothing about QM and everything about 'tree-in-the-forest'.

First be careful about what physicists say when they are drunk! Unfortunately this is all what a layman knows about QM!

How do…"
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