Duane Carpenter giving a workshop on Devas and the Solar Angels from Venus -- Methods of Contact, Ceremonial Ritual, Geometry, and Numbe

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Seven billion humans now compose the Human Kingdom on Earth. Over the course of centuries we have seen the development and evolution of a race and many different civilizations. Our development and co-measurement has been paralleled by working with other devic and angelic beings. While some of this is legend and some of it hypothetical a new group or world servers seek to engage the elemental and Devic forces in a more direct and conscious manner. Such engagements if done in alignment with the higher intelligence of Humanity and its Soul can co-create a New World and a New civilization. Our planetary logos is now undergoing an important initiation which will radically affect all of its kingdoms and constituent parts. Humanity being the throat center of this great planetary life will experience the same crises and changes. Major upheavals in the planetary etheric and physical body are simply the clearing away of old thought-forms and energy for the new Aquarian energies to descend. How can we be prepared for these global changes?Throughout history disciples have joined together into communities to create a place of intense initiatory training as well as a safe geographical area to carry on their work. Spiritual Communities are not a retreat from life as has been in the Piscean age of the past but a penetration into LIFE, into the one purpose that galvanizes all of humanity and the different kingdoms forward into something beautiful, noble and good. Life is not coming to an end in 2012 but is being reborn into a new civilization and spiritual culture prophesied for the last 2000 years.The next question each student of the ageless wisdom must ask themselves is, are we going to be the spectators of these great historic changes or are we going to be a part of the cause of them - co-creating with the Plan and doing the Will of our great planetary life through the new emerging Ashram of Syntheses. Lucille Cedercrans, Djwhal Khul and HPB have given us a science of initiation that we must come to study and understand, not as an endless series of philosophical discussions, but as practical tools and techniques that can be used to speed up contact with the angelic and devic evolutions.Duane CarpenterThis video is from our 2012 conference titled: The Coming of the Solar Angels: Living the Science of the Soul. This conference was held April 21 - April 29, ...

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  • Thank you, Drekx, this information is really helpful :-) 

  • Good data for anyone seeking to comprehend the importance of devic lives, in relation to humanity....and how the two parallel kingdoms are meant to work in unison...on earth and beyond it...


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