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We are the Lovers ( LOVE IN OUR MIND) - Dj MrFlanell

Angels on Earth,, Starseeds, Living on Earth beeing an Alien from another Galaxy

Sending our Love Beeing the Love Feeling the Love

you Can buy the song Here

Sending you Blessings

We are the joy
we are the Light
We are the LOVE

We from the stars
Shining so Bright

Living as One

the Message is Love

The message is Love

LOVE Breatheing Love Thinking Love Beeing Love

you Who whatsh this video
i whish you so mush love and happyness and that today will be the best day full of joy and happyness, harmony and peace, lots of love

you loveing frend
The Angel comunicator

Angel Love and blight
Angel blessings so Bright
Angel hugs

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Comment by mrflanell on March 28, 2009 at 3:16pm
this must be my best song ever

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