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  • Pharrell Williams - Happy (2PM)

    Pharrell Williams - Happy (2PM)

    HAPPY...and sending unlimited LOVE to every beautiful soul... LOVE YOU ALL _/\_ (From the Despicabl… Rosie Dec 24, 2013 108 views

  • Who Are You.....Really?

    Who Are You.....Really?

    Gangaji investigates the most important question you will ever ask yourself. Who Am I....Really? Th… Rosie Sep 28, 2013 158 views

  • Laughing Buddha

    Laughing Buddha

    Tiruvannamalai, India 13th Feb 2011 morning "This is the laughing Buddha! When they see that which… Rosie Feb 2, 2013 66 views

  • 2013 is the Year of The Divine Romance

    2013 is the Year of The Divine Romance

    His annual benediction to humanity, last year delivered in Sedona, Arizona on December 31st 2012, L… Rosie Jan 27, 2013 104 views


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