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The Secrets Of Vibration 528hz) Hidden truths of sound! Law Of Attraction Part 1

Do you know that the universe vibrates and so do you, even grass vibrates at 528hz, so what does that mean for you, well check out the video and be amazed, for more info go

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Comment by amparo alvarez on August 24, 2014 at 12:59am

He is truly all humanity's hero...In one of my blogs from Kathryn they mentioned about how much he had to endured from those in power at the time...We really don't know yet the whole story about him...He had a long life but we know not the truth about it, they suppressed not only his inventions, but also the truth about his entire life...How can a man of his caliber die in a hotel alone and penniless?....Of course they invented stories of how much he spent and how careless he was with money...He was a scientist and he was always busy with his inventions and of course he needed money to be able to make a reality, but many of the ambitious ones of those days were jealous of him and stole from him...In due time we will know the whole truth...for his inventions are here to stay... 

Comment by 1 darkstar on August 7, 2014 at 6:19pm

Always wished I lived back with Nicola Tesla - VERY HANDSOME MAN (at least in his younger years) and one of my heros. 


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