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Spiritual Master Free Spirit - Using Ayahuasca and other Sacraments with Awareness

Spiritual Master Free Spirit - Using Ayahuasca and other Sacraments with Awareness aka The Shamanic Medicine Path. A more advanced level discourse related to responsible use of shamanic medicines such as Ayahuasca (where legal).

The importance of living a strong, ethically pure and conscious life grounded in meditation and emotional stability, before contemplating the use of such medicines, and why ultimately, one does not need the medicines to advance on the spiritual path.

Understanding how they can be used to transcend ego and purify karma, understanding also, the pitfalls of such a path.

Those on a serious spiritual path who use such substances (including marijuana) are advised to evolve past the need for them, that is where the deeper enlightenment, integration and understanding is. It is because many such visionary medicines show one a glimpse of Higher Awareness or Ascended Realities, but for as long as one uses the substances, there will always be a subtle yet permanent separation from the Divine that can never be transcended.

Then there is the danger that such medicines are used as false-refuges and then one’s spiritual path can then regress or descend into karma rather than ascending up and out of it.

Beyond the psychedelic world of rainbows, spirit beings and other astral phantasmagoria, there can be a dark side to Ayahuasca, a smoking cauldron of murky intentions, if one abuses Ayahuasca, the karma can be very serious indeed. One must approach Ayahuasca with a humble ego, with respect, with pure intentions and of course with respect for the law to avoid catastrophes. A deeper and grounded awareness in the approach can go a long way for those called to use Ayahausca Sacrament, or other Sacraments.

Thus those who use the substances for too long can become separated, imbalanced and degraded – this is the subtle yet real danger that lies behind any use of psychedelics. Enlightenment is a work of consecrating awareness and transcending all separations and all ego-illusions. These medicines can show one a glimpse of transcendence, but a grounded transcendence or state of integrated spiritual enlightenment only happens beyond the medicine path.

The Path can be useful, as in my experience of some years exploring such a path, not least to understand why so many spiritual people are drawn to the medicines.

Certainly one can heal many aspects within oneself, enter into a deeper understanding, have revelatory visions, find a deeper spiritual path and experience a degree of spiritual ascension. One may meet one’s Spirit Guides, Angels and the like, or see into other realms of loving ET’s, or go into one’s soul awareness to heal various karmas, so in many ways such a path has a therapeutic value.

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