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Prosperity Reiki blessing ~ receiving ~ Channeled by HeavenlyButterfly

Please open up to this Reiki infused blessing and prayer for prosperity and abundance. You find information to help manifest from Napoleon Hill the great author who teaches the secret laws of attraction with pure intentions & humility for all mankind. You can also contact me to find out how to receive a sack of my reiki infused prosperity incense, reiki infused prosperity tealight candle with Reiki prosperity symbol on prayer written by me HeavenlyButterfly. All infused in full power of the I AM presence in me and blessed by the ascended masters & angels for this special blessing video. This video is part one of 3 prosperity videos that will be made at the given to me by my guides. Keep a look out for future videos to add to your prosperity perception healing.

Please feel free to listen and receive the energy in the video as often as you like, daily if possible to allow for change to be consistent and powerful in your reality. May all your requests be with sincerity and love to the heavens. Be blessed and believe that you are blessed! I love you all!

My website:
I am in the process of building my new website called EmpowerRed at the following (not completely ready for daily use but can be seen at this site address for now

www. ~ social site for metamorphosis and empowerment with butterfly avatars or just love butterflies/

Also you can find and listen to me on
@ 8pm Monday nites pacific time zone where I cohost with Zoh the creator of the Starseed community. Where we share our love and knowledge of being starseeds and lightworkers. If you feel drawn to know more about being a starseed you can visit the following site: or contact me for any support that you might need on the following subjects.

Have a blessed day filled with joy and peace!

Ascended Masters healing deck - Doreen Virtue
Music: Prelude - Yanni
Prosperity Reiki prayer invocation & blessing by HeavenlyButterfly

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Comment by HeavenlyButterfly aka Heidi on November 2, 2010 at 8:37am
Thank you Veronika I love you too :D,..... I welting up inside my heart for you and your comment. I am so grateful that you feel the love I send thru my video...pls enjoy my other vids,...I give my love freely.
Comment by Veronika on November 2, 2010 at 6:46am
Hey I love you and this video:) this is just so wonderful, full of love, positive am crying.....have no more words....thank you SO are such a blessing;)) Sending you enormous hug:) Nika


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