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My husband and I had such a great time filming the Extraterrestrial Hwy, AleINN and UFO Research Center in Nevada that we decided to create our own Youtube Channel called Youtube Adventures! We will be doing paranormal investigations on Ghost activity, Ufo's, Vortex's Spiritual phenomenon and ask that anyone who living in the San diego area if they'd like to be the first ones to have their place investigated. With my empathic abilities and being a psychic reader for 20 yrs along with my husbands skeptical approach to investigation utilizing certain EVP and EMF tools we will be able to validate to see if there really is something lingering in your place or not.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call us at 619-849-0866

Looking forward to working with you and stay tuned for our most recent episode at Area 51 and Exraterrestrial Hwy!

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Location: san diego,ca


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