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Mr. LePar in trance. Opening message - Part 1 - A parable

For more information see - These are the opening comments of one of Mr. LePar's public trances. His psychic source The Council is a uni...

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Comment by Claudia on April 16, 2011 at 3:13pm

Wow this video is wanderful and in the same time is normal for me because i have a mum who's a "channel" her self and i got the habitude you can say,  to see and i got the chance to talk with some light spirits,

but anyway is always something extraordinary to have this experience.

Thanks for be my friend, i'm  honored and happy so i will know you more and the same for you, you'll know me,

i had lived 2 years in PA what's near your home, i did love to be there and i got the chance to travel around,

i did learn and discover some of my past lives, i got contact with some souls to whom i did help to pass to the light.

well have a very happy w.e. and Light and  Unconditional Love to you,






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