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Message of Light From The Fey Realms Stay within your Hearts March 14, 2013

Stay within your Hearts. Spiritual Guidance, From the Fey Realms. March 14, 2013. We contact you in love, This is the time to be looking more within. The tim...

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Comment by MarQus Boo-C-Ay on March 16, 2013 at 6:33am

Is this a message for a 'Select Few" ?????   I am attracted to this type of thinking,, but ,, it seems like it is Geared for a Select Group that have been thinking in this Mind Set for Many years,,, and i have just in the last few months been aware of this type of thinking,,,,,,,

My concern is that,,,,, why would you post this for anyone,,,, when it is obviously for the Those whom have been exposed to this way of thinking for years and years,,.?????

It feels like i am a Ten year Old that has just Awakened and i wondered into a UNiversity of People that think in a similar way,,,,,, but No ONe knows how to relate to me,, and i sure in heck Do not know how to come UP to their level,,,,,, are Angels like this???

: )  Namaste


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